How to Turn Word Into PowerPoint

How to Turn Word Into PowerPoint

This tutorial covers how to convert Word to PowerPoint. Usually, when you want to create a PowerPoint presentation from a Word document, you need to copy and paste the content from the Word document into PowerPoint. If there is a lot of content in your Word document, this method is certainly very inconvenient. Or if you rely on one of the online format converters, the output quality is almost never perfect.

Therefore, in this article I will introduce an easy and fast way to convert Word into PowerPoint with the help of latest features from Microsoft which has just been released. This feature lets you generate PowerPoint presentations from Word documents via the web version of Microsoft Word.

Before we begin, I will point out the limitations of the feature. For now, the feature is only available in English. Also, it doesn’t support Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

This new feature also supports only text content at this time and other media content such as images will not be added automatically to the presentation. However, you can always add media to the presentation later.

How to Turn Word Into PowerPoint

1. Open Word documents in Office Online. You must first upload your file to OneDrive in order to open it from the web version of Word. Once open, click File -> Transform.

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2. From the Transform section, click Transform to PowerPoint presentation and wait for the next page.

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3. Word will now tell you to choose a design theme for the presentation. Choose one of the available templates and click Transform to generate presentation files.

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4. In a few seconds, a new presentation based on your Word document will be created. Once ready, you can click Open Presentation to open it. You can also access presentation files from your OneDrive.

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The resulting output can be downloaded and used for presentations with some adjustments. In addition, as Microsoft describes, this feature also adds relevant imagery, icons, videos, themes and relevant fonts to presentations using AI in the transformation process.

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So, that’s a quick guide on how to turn Word into PowerPoint. I hope this guide helps you in making presentations easily. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.