How to Unblock Friends on Facebook Simple

If you’re looking for a way to unblock friends on Facebook then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will study this together with the Tricks Area. Hopefully, after reading our guide, you can freely unblock friends on your FB. Therefore, we recommend that you continue to be with us.

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Facebook is a social media in Indonesia which is quite old. Facebook has been running in Indonesia for many years and can still maintain its existence. This is because there is one interesting feature on Facebook, namely the blocking feature. With the block feature, FB users can block friends they don’t like. But if it turns out that one day you think differently then you must know how to unblock friends on Facebook.

If you want to know where your friend’s blocked location on Facebook is, you can read about it here. Because by knowing your friend’s blocked list, you can open or block them again. You can even add other Facebook users too.

How to Unblock Friends on Facebook or FB Lite

Keep in mind, when you block a friend or anyone else on Facebook, neither you nor the person you block can see each other’s profiles. So you become unable to stalk each other again. But that’s okay, it’s actually safer than you have to be hurt.

How to unblock a friend on Facebook
How to unblock a friend on Facebook

Whether you use the original Facebook application or FB Lite, you can still find a friend’s blocked list in your FB account. To find the location of the block on FB is not difficult. Everything is provided by Facebook in the settings. So please go in there and find the section Blocking.

But if you are still having trouble finding where the blocking settings are, then follow our instructions below. This is because in the explanation of each step that we will convey, it will not make you confused. Just read slowly.

As an addition at a glance, you can do this method of unblocking a friend on Facebook either from your cellphone or from a laptop. Because both are equally easy to operate. However, for this time, we only use Facebook on the laptop that is hand-able.

How to Unblock Friends on Facebook Via Laptop

You can start unblocking friends on Facebook via your laptop as well as using a cellphone. Using a laptop is much preferred because it can be wider in appearance.

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The way to unblock a friend on Facebook via a laptop is more or less like this.

  • Open your FB app.
  • Tap the three-line icon like a down arrow in the right corner.
  • Then just select Settings.
  • Now you can choose Blocking or Blocking depending on your FB language.
  • You will see a list of blocked friends on Facebook in this place.
  • To unblock a friend please tap Unblock.
  • Next, you confirm by tapping Unblock once again.

That way, you will be able to find out how to unblock a friend on Facebook via a laptop. It seems, for laptops, the method is more or less the same. The only difference is that the screen is wider.


That’s our explanation of how to unblock a friend on Facebook. Hopefully what we describe above is useful for you. Don’t forget to try it so you know the results.