How to Upgrade Gopay Plus 2022

How to Upgrade Gopay Plus

How to Upgrade Gopay Plus – In this increasingly trendy development, only body and face are upgraded, your Gopay account also needs to be upgraded to Gopay Plus.

Gopay Plus is a type of GoPay account that can be obtained after you upgrade your account.

There are various additional features from GoPay, even to the point of being able to carry out your financial transactions which will be easier than a regular GoPay account.

And the most interesting thing is that when Gopay Plus provides many exclusive promos that will make you more profitable using Gopay Plus.

Discussion on How to Upgrade Gopay Plus

Before continuing to discuss how to upgrade to GoPay Plus, there are several benefits that you can get after upgrading your GoPay. Some of the features offered after upgrading to GoPay Plus include the following:

  • Extra Protection for GoPay balances, GoPay Balance Guarantee provides protection for GoPay Plus users in the event of a loss of balance due to misuse of the Gojek account beyond your control.
  • You can also save your GoPay balance up to IDR 10,000,000.
  • Sending GoPay balances, if you want to send GoPay balances, for example in paying for meals, you can do it with your cellphone number, because you are a GoPay Plus user, transfer GoPay balances to other people, just use your cellphone number.
  • You can also transfer GoPay balances to bank accounts, and even send balances to your parents, friends, or even yourself.
  • You can also make cash withdrawals from your GoPay balance without a card at a BCA ATM, if you are traveling and need money because you are in a hurry but forgot to bring your card, using GoPay Plus.
  • Exclusive promos, you can get various exclusive promos especially for you GoPay Plus account users only.

Well, for those of you who haven’t upgraded to Gopay, you better upgrade right away now.

You must have the Gojek application and have a personal identity card such as an eKTP for Indonesian citizens/citizens and also a PASSPORT for foreigners/foreign citizens.

“Keep in mind that the 1 (one) identity card (eKTP or Passport) that you register can only be used for 1 (one) Gojek account”.

If you are still using regular Gopay and are still confused about how to upgrade Gopay Plus, you can refer to the following steps.

How to Upgrade Gopay Plus

How to Upgrade Gopay Plus Easily

How to Upgrade Gopay Plus Easily
How to Upgrade Gopay Plus Easily

Here’s how to upgrade your regular GoPay account to a GoPay Plus account, just look at the steps on how to easily upgrade GoPay Plus, including:

  • On the GoPay menu, click More.
  • On the top menu select upgrade to Gopay Plus.
  • After that, click the upgrade option now to upgrade your GoPay account.
  • Take a photo of your identity card (WNI: eKTP & WNA: Passport).
  • Take a photo of your face/selfie along with a clear identity card (eKTP/PASPOR).
  • Then select the “Upgrade Now” option to upgrade to Gopay Plus.

Photo of a Good and Correct Identity Card (eKTP/PASPOR)

The way to upgrade gopay plus is with a good and correct photo of an identity card (eKTP/passport) as explained below:

  • Make sure the photo of your ID card looks complete and clear.
  • And also make sure your identity card is still active.
  • Your photo ID must be photographed in person, not photocopy or other digital format.

Photo of Your Face with Identity Card (eKTP or PASSPORT)

The second way to upgrade GoPay Plus is a photo of your face with an identity card (eKTP or Passport) as in the following discussion example:

  • Make sure the photo of your face with the identity card is seen thoroughly and clearly.
  • Make sure you use the same identity card as the uploaded ID.
  • The photo ID does not cover the face.
  • Photos of your face directly from the cellphone.

After the GoPay account upgrade process is complete, you can immediately see the status of your GoPay account upgrade in the following way:

  • On the GoPay menu, click More.
  • Then select Settings.
  • Check your upgrade status on the “Complete Your Data” menu:

pending: We have received your documents and are still in the process.

Your account has been successfully upgraded.

Rejected: Your upgrade process was rejected because it does not comply with the provisions, please resubmit.

If you have tried upgrading to GoPay Plus but why is it still not processed?

The GoPay Plus account upgrade process takes 1×24 hours, so please understand if the process is a bit long.

If you have questions or need other information, you can also go to the help page or contact [email protected].

The final word

Immediately upgrade your regular Gopay to Gopay Plus so you can use it more easily.

By using Gopay Plus, you can also make financial transactions compared to a regular GoPay account.

Gopay Plus also provides many exclusive promos that will make you more profitable if you use Gopay Plus

If you are still confused about how to upgrade your Gopay, you can follow the Gopay upgrade method above.

That’s the whole discussion in our article this time about How to Upgrade Gopay Plus 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.