How to Upgrade GoPay Pre-Work e Wallet to GoPay Plus

On this occasion, we will discuss something that we think is very important to discuss, namely how to upgrade the GoPay Pre-Work e-wallet to GoPay Plus. This is because to be able to withdraw pre-employment incentives through GoPay e-wallet, you must first upgrade your GoPay e-wallet status to GoPay Plus.

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There is a very big difference when you only use GoPay basic with GoPay plus. One of them is a bigger balance limit if you use GoPay Plus. Therefore, Pre-Employment suggests all participants to want to upgrade their GoPay e-wallet to GoPay Plus before receiving incentives and a fairly large Pre-Employment balance.

Therefore, starting from this, we will be happy to assist you in learning how to upgrade your GoPay Pre-employment e-wallet to GoPay Plus so that it can accommodate large Pre-employment balances. But before that, please take a look at the GoPay plus features that you can get.

GoPay Plus Features

You will get many interesting features if you want to upgrade GoPay to GoPay Plus, namely:

  • GoPay balances get more protection so they are safer.
  • GoPay balance limit increased to 10 million.
  • You can transfer GoPay balances to other GoJek users.
  • You can also transfer your GoPay balance to your bank account.
  • As a selected customer, you can get GoPay Paylater.
  • There is an exclusive promo for GoPay Plus users.

So, there are indeed many advantages when you upgrade your GoPay Pre-Employment to GoPay Plus Pre-Employment. Therefore, think again to immediately upgrade your GoPay Pre-Work e-wallet to be better. Don’t just do the basics.

How to upgrade GoPay Pre-work e-wallet
How to upgrade GoPay Pre-work e-wallet

But before you upgrade your pre-employment GoPay, make sure that your GoPay application is up to date. You must also prepare an identity card such as an eKTP. Your eKTP can only be used for 1 GoJek account, so it cannot be used for 2 accounts.

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If you are ready then it is time for us to learn how to upgrade your pre-work GoPay e-wallet as explained below.

How to Upgrade GoPay Pre-Work E Wallet Easy

After you have prepared what you need to upgrade your GoPay Pre-Work e-wallet as we have stated above, then immediately follow the procedure below.

  • On the menu GoPay please tap Other.
  • Next select GoPay Plus Upgrade, Free!
  • Now take ID card photo (eKTP/Passport) which is clear.
  • Take selfie Photo together with a clear Identity Card (eKTP/Passport).
  • Then, you click send the document if you are sure.
  • From here, all you have to do is check the status of your GoPay upgrade to GoPay Plus, whether it was successful or not.

Notes: make sure that the photo of your eKTP/Passport identity card is clearly visible, still active, and not a photocopy, meaning the photo directly during the upgrade process. As for your selfie, make sure it is clearly visible, the identity card uploaded is the same, the identity card also does not cover the face, and must also be photographed directly.

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Furthermore, you can also monitor the status of your pre-employment GoPay e-wallet upgrade in the way we will tell you below. Please check and don’t let your upgrade fail.

How to Check Pre-Employment GoPay E Wallet Upgrade Status

You must continue to monitor the status of your pre-employment GoPay e-wallet upgrade as follows.

  • On the GoPay menu, please tap Other.
  • Tap Arrangement.
  • You will see 3 kinds of verification status definitions under Complete Your Data.
    • pending = The document is still in process.
    • Approved = You have successfully upgraded your pre-employment GoPay.
    • Rejected = Your upgrade process was rejected and please resend it.

By routinely checking the status of your pre-employment GoPay e-wallet upgrade, we also advise you to be patient because this process will take a maximum of 3×24 hours.


That’s our explanation on how to upgrade GoPay Pre-work e-wallet to GoPay Plus. Hopefully what we have said above is useful for all of you Pre-Employment participants.