How to Upgrade Pre-Work OVO E Wallet to OVO Premier

For those of you who are currently looking for a way to upgrade your pre-employment ovo e-wallet, you’ve come to the right place. This time we will continue our previous article on how to upgrade the GoPay Pre-Work e-wallet. So, to disburse pre-employment incentive funds for each supported e-wallet, it is not only a basic account, but all of them must be upgraded. For example, an OVO e-wallet that must be upgraded to OVO Premier.

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That’s why we will try to help those of you who currently have connected your pre-employment account with your OVO e-wallet and intend to withdraw your pre-employment incentives through your OVO e-wallet, so you must immediately upgrade your OVO e-wallet to OVO Premier so that your balance capacity increases. .

Like LinkAja and GoPay e-wallet, to upgrade your pre-employment OVO e-wallet to premium OVO you also need a clear photo of your ID card. So make sure that your photo is also not a scan of your ID card but a photo taken during the OVO e-wallet upgrade process.

What is OVO?

OVO is an application that you can use to make payments and online transactions using only your cellphone. Officially, the OVO Application was released on August 9, 2022 on the Play Store. OVO itself is sheltered by Pt. International Visionet.

How to upgrade OVO Pre-work e-wallet
How to upgrade OVO Pre-work e-wallet

OVO can be used in various types of online payments in almost all of Indonesia. Even now, OVO has begun to be supported in Pre-Employment which incidentally is a government program. So this is OVO’s achievement in serving pre-employment participants from all over Indonesia.

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However, the problem is, Pre-employment participants cannot immediately enjoy the convenience of the OVO application because to disburse pre-employment incentives, OVO must be upgraded to OVO premiere. If you do not know how then we will explain below.

How to Easily Upgrade OVO Pre-Work E Wallet

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your OVO Pre-Work e-wallet, please review it below.

  • First, open the OVO application then select OVO ID.
  • Next, you choose Upgrades which is in the top corner.
  • Here, please select Upgrade Now > Online Upgrades.
  • Next you choose Start.
  • Take ID card photo you > then input Biological mother’s name.
  • Tap the confirmation section Take a selfie holding an ID card.
  • Next, you have to check the terms and conditions > process > Continue.
  • Finally, wait for your OVO Premier data verification process for up to 24 hours.

Just need to be aware, upgrading Pre-employment OVO to OVO Premium can take longer. GoPay only to GoPay Plus now it takes 3 x 24 hours so it can be OVO too.

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You can monitor the status of the OVO Pre-employment upgrade to OVO Premier directly from the OVO application. So when you later successfully upgrade there will be a notification that you have succeeded.


We think that the way to upgrade the OVO Pre-Work e-wallet to OVO Premier is very easy. You just have to do a little upgrade process with your clear ID and selfie. That way, the upgrade process will be approved.