How to Use Anime Face Changer Easy

Do you want to know how to use anime Face Changer? If yes then you are at the right place. This time we will try to discuss in more detail about how to edit photos into anime with Face Changer anime. Hopefully after you stop by at our place you can learn more details about how to use the anime face changer.

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Why do you have to edit photos into anime with anime face changer? The answer is easy. Because you can download this application directly from the Play Store and it is very easy to use. Of course you will be much faster and time efficient in editing your photos into Japanese anime.

Indeed, lately there have been a lot of photo editing applications into anime, for example Base Apk from China, Snow and Anime Face Changer itself. Therefore, there are many options if you want to edit photos into anime. Here we will try one of them, namely the Anime Face Changer application.

Method Using Anime Face Changer Easy

When you use Anime Face Changer then you can edit your face into an anime in just seconds. So this application is an instant application that you can use to edit photos into anime. So you can join the viral photo editing apk into anime.

How to Use Anime Face Changer
How to Use Anime Face Changer

The name of the photo editing application so anime varies according to what we mentioned above and the most interesting thing is this anime face changer. You will get very interesting features if you use this application.

So just take a look at how to use the following Anime Face Changer application. Hopefully what we discuss for you can provide many benefits for all of you.

Steps How to Use Anime Face Changer

Please follow the steps to use Anime Face Changer as follows.

  • Download Anime Face Changer and immediately install it on your cellphone.
  • Run it afterwards and tap Accept on the home screen.
  • After the application opens, you will see various menus. Press the + icon in the middle and give permission to the app to access the device.
  • You will see a list of photos in your cellphone gallery via the Anime Font Changer application.
  • You then select one of your photos. Then tap the magic wand image on the top right.
  • You will be taken to a screen to edit your photo into an anime.
  • Tap the screen on your photo then select Sticker under.
  • The next screen, you can choose the type of sticker in the application, for example Anime Hair, Kawaii Mouths, Cute Eyes, Cat Face, Blush / Tears, Anime Body, Kawaii Stickers, Anime Eyes, Unicorn, FLower Crown, Stars, Text and Others.
  • Please choose a Sticker that has something to do with Anime.
  • After you select the anime sticker then tap the tick and it will be added to your photo.
  • The difficulty here, you have to adjust the sticker you choose with the photo you edit. But it’s really easy if you persevere.
  • If the editing process is complete. Tap the Diskette icon on the top right as a way to save your edited photo into an anime.
  • The sharing screen will appear. You can share directly to social media or you can use the home icon on the top right to return home.
  • Already completed.

With the steps above, you can definitely use Face Changer anime to edit photos into anime.

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That’s about all that Area Tricks can convey. Hopefully what we have discussed above is useful for all of you. Do not forget to try so you know the results. If necessary, share with us so we know the results.