How to Use Avatan App on Android

Are you looking for how to use the avatan app? If yes then you are at the right place. This time we will discuss how to use the Avatan application on an Android phone. Hopefully after you read this article then you can use this Avatan application correctly. Remember, avatan is not an avatar. Haha.

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Avatan app is a photo editor app available on Android. So for those of you who use an Android phone, you can directly download and install the Avatan application from the Play Store. When you have successfully installed avatan then you are ready to start editing photos in the Avatan app.

Avatan itself carries a menu that is very easy to use. There are several menus later that you can maximize for photo editing. For example, you can sharpen your face in the Avatan application or others. So this is a multipurpose application that you can use for photo editing to add to the beauty later.

If you are curious about the procedure for using the Avatan application, then please read until the end of our presentation. Hopefully you find some light after reading our article.

How to Use the Easy Avatan App

The name Android application like Avatan is very easy to use. If you are familiar with photo editing applications like Cute Cut or other similar applications, then we are sure you can use this Avatan application easily. You can learn just by looking at the app itself.

How to use avatan app
How to use avatan app

So we recommend that even if you don’t have photo editing skills, by using the Avatan application, we are sure you can do it now. Continue to practice editing photos with avatan then you will get the feel for yourself in the future. Therefore, don’t get tired of studying the Avatan application so you can use it.

For that, we introduce a few features in avatan such as crop, effects and filters, stickers, crop, rotate, and change colors. We’re sure you already know its function even if it’s just from the name. Surely you already know the function of stickers, yes, it’s true to add funny stickers to your photos. Or rotate to rotate your photo. So the menu is very simple in the Avatan application.

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If you are curious about how to use avatan to edit photos on Android then you can check below. We are sure that next time you will become an expert photo editor.

How to Edit Photos Using Avatan

Here is a guide on how to use the Avatan application to edit photos on your Android phone, the procedure is more or less like this.

  • First download and install the avatan application from the Play Store.
  • Next, run the app by tapping open.
  • To enter the Avatan dashboard, click Accept and Continue.
  • Tap the + icon to import photos to avatan.
  • Now use the features we mentioned earlier.
  • When done, tap Next in the top right corner.
  • Add caption by tapping add caption for your photo.
  • Please share the results of your photo editing or save it to the cellphone gallery.

It’s very simple about how to use this avatan application. So please try it first and feel how interesting this Avatan application is for photo editing on Android. Your photos will look different and you will get a big response later.


As for how to use the Avatan application, we have explained above. You just need to hone your photo editing skills. So that way you will become a reliable Android photo editor in the future.