How to Use Breakout Rooms in Zoom Meeting

How to Use Breakout Rooms on Zoom

How to Use Breakout Room in Zoom Meeting | The Zoom app has been pretty stable for a few weeks after adding new security measures and features. One feature that catches the eye is Breakout Rooms. Part of the reason is that no other video calling app currently offers this feature.

Breakout Rooms Zoom allows hosts to divide a meeting into smaller rooms and place participants in each room. Participants in separate virtual rooms keep discussions and chats separate, so there is no overlap. Imagine if the marketing, design, and finance teams spoke at the same time, it would be like talking to people in the village.

Breakout Rooms Zoom will let you invite all participants at the same time, but divide them into different rooms. Create relevant participants and thus the conversation will continue. Makes sense. But it’s odd why Zoom competitors like Google Meet or Microsoft Teams haven’t released anything similar.

Breakout Rooms is turned off by default. You have to turn it on manually to use it during calls. This feature can only be enabled on the desktop application. Smartphone users can join Breakout Rooms if allowed by the host but cannot create one.

It’s a bit limiting seeing so many people using cell phones to communicate these days. On the plus side, this Breakout Rooms feature is available in a free plan.

How to Activate Breakout Rooms on Zoom

In order to use Zoom’s Breakout Rooms, you must first activate it by logging into the Zoom site. Let’s find out more about Breakout Rooms, how they work, and everything else you need to know about this feature.

You can create up to 50 Breakout Rooms with a limit of 200 participants on each Zoom call, but the number may vary (see screenshot above). I believe it should be more than enough for most businesses, especially SMEs and startups, where the number of departments is usually under 20-50.

Go to Zoom site, login using your ID, social media or SSO and click my account.

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Click Settings >> Meeting and then select menu option In meetings (Advanced).

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And you are looking for settings Breakout Roomsthen activate by sliding the switch.

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Once you enable the setting, you will see another visible option called ‘Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when schedulingcheck option the. That will allow you to create Breakout Rooms and assign participants to the same before the meeting even starts. Don’t forget to press the button Save after it finishes.

How to Use Breakout Rooms on Zoom

The steps for creating and using Breakout Rooms in Zoom Meeting are the same for the Windows and macOS desktop apps. We are using Windows for this guide.

Launch the Zoom desktop app and sign in using your ID. Either create a new meeting or schedule a meeting, both only the host or the host can create Breakout Rooms and no one else.

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Click on button More at the bottom right to find options Breakout Rooms there.

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You will see a pop-up window where you can create rooms and control the participants in each Breakout Rooms. There are two options below that, options Automatically, Zoom which will assign participants to Breakout Rooms. So select the option By Manually to get the option to decide which participants enter Breakout Rooms. Click Create Rooms after it finishes. You can always reassign attending attendees later.

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You will see another pop-up. Hover over the room name to change the default name, which is Breakout Room 1 and so on. Click button Assign to place participants into the room. You will find some options below, like time and countdown. Click Add a Room after it finishes.

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Finally, click Open All Rooms to officially start the meeting. I suggest you test this feature with friends and family members to make sure you get used to it. Avoid last-minute scrambling and awkward moments.

Breakout Rooms . Facts

There are several points that you need to keep in mind while using the Breakout Rooms feature in Zoom. You already know the room and participant limits. But did you know that when recording a meeting to the cloud, Zoom will only record the main room regardless of which room the host is currently in? Yup, it can’t record Breakout Rooms.

The keyword here is ‘cloud’. That means if you record a Zoom call locally on your computer, it will record the current host space. Hosts may choose to allow multiple users to record calls. One example is allowing one participant in each room to record. Say, department head. Now, every room will be recorded regardless of where the host is.

Zoom’s Breakout Rooms feature is pretty awesome. And it’s also easy to use. A better way to organize your meeting. Useful when there are too many personnel from different departments or walks of life. It also helps with regards to privacy as you may not want employees or others to hear what you have just discussed with the top brass.