How to Use Instagram Story’s “Create” Mode Camera Feature

Using Camera Mode Create New Instagram Story

In this post I will share how to use the new camera feature “Create” Instagram Story mode. Before this feature, you used a regular camera for stories. Using this new camera mode, you can create creative stories for Instagram.

This new Create mode camera is packed with fun tools. Using this feature, you get different options to create stories for different purposes. Previously, there was no option to add text in stories with images. To make it happen, you usually click on a random image or cover the camera to take a black background; then add text to it.

With the help of Create camera mode, you can create stories with gradient backgrounds. Apart from that, you can create stories with other templates like throwbacks, add gifs to stories, quotes, ask questions, etc. Here’s How to Use Camera Mode to Create Instagram Stories:

How to Use the Camera Mode Feature to Create Instagram Stories

To Use Instagram Story’s new “Create” Mode Camera feature, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

.1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone.
.2. Tap the Camera icon (to create a story) at the top left.
.3. Below you will see the Normal camera and before that, there is an option Fortap it.

Using Camera Mode Create New Instagram Story-1

.4. At this point, you get a template with various ideas underneath. You can swipe the icon to the left to see more ideas.
.5. There are templates that include Create (Tap to type), Shoutouts, GIFs, Templates, On this day (Throwback), Polls, Questions, Countdowns, and Quizzes.
.6. You can choose any template that can tell your story today.

Using Camera Mode Create New Instagram Story-2

Each template has a random icon except the GIF option. You can tap on that icon to shuffle the templates and get another one. You can then add your fun details today.

Suppose if you select Templates, you can tap on See All above. You can also tap on the screen to view other templates. Then, you can add more freedom by editing the story in your own way. You can use stickers and filters and share them on your Instagram stories.

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In brief: Instagram has lots of fun filters. You get most of the features in Instagram stories. Now, using mode For With this, you can make your story more interesting. It gives an idea to interact with your followers in an interesting way. Try this new feature and get creative with your Instagram stories and attract more followers.