How to Use Instagram Vanish Mode

How to Use Instagram Vanish Mode | After teasing the messaging feature that disappeared earlier this year, Instagram is officially launching Vanish Fashion. As the name suggests, this latest feature allows users to enter a “mode” where you can send private messages without leaving any chat history. Just like on Snapchat, you can send texts, photos or videos in Vanish Mode.

Once both parties (sender and recipient) enable the Vanish Mode feature, all you need to do is swipe your chat into Vanish Mode. Your screen will go black, just like “Incognito Mode” in a web browser, and you will see a note at the top stating that you have entered Vanish Mode.

All messages sent in Vanish Mode will disappear once you exit the chat or return to normal messaging. No message history will appear in your thread. It will just look like your regular messaging conversation.

Vanish Mode Instagram is a new Instagram feature that allows users to send DM messages only once and will disappear automatically after the recipient of the message sees the message or when the chat is closed by the sender. This is because it is in accordance with the Indonesian meaning of Vanish, which is to disappear.

That way, the sender of the message via Instagram DM is the main controller of the message he will send. So it can be said that the privacy of users in sending messages is really guarded by Instagram itself.

Hopefully, every Instagram user will be wiser in using Instagram DM messages instead of being an opportunity for criminals to carry out their actions.

Here are the steps to use Instagram Vanish Mode:

  1. Make sure that the Instagram DM sender and recipient have activated Instagram Vanish Mode.

  2. When Vanish Mode Instagram has been activated, then please swipe up.

  3. In this way, your Ig DM screen will turn black and you will enter Vanish Mode.

  4. All you have to do is chat DM in Vanish Mode Instagram.
  5. When you exit this chat, the message will be deleted instantly.
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Until this article was published, this feature is not yet available in Indonesia, reportedly the developer will test this feature in the selected country.

You need to know that later when the Vanish Mode Instagram feature is released to Instagram users, then you have to update the Instagram application to the latest version so that the feature can appear. So make sure your Instagram application is updated.

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| This new messaging feature allows the person sending a DM will disappear completely from your chat history. No preview of any photos sent. Nothing shows any hidden gaps in your chat thread.