How to Use NFC For ATM Card 2022

One of them is NFC technology which has been around for a long time, but its users have only been seen in 20101 and above.

Even that year, there were still many users who didn’t fully know what NFC was, if they knew its function from the start, our lives would be much easier and simpler, you know.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, where its main function is as a data transfer tool.

Unlike other features such as Bluetooth or using a data cable, it is very easy to transfer files using NFC.

Only by bringing your cellphone that has the same features closer, the transferred files can run by themselves, but of course you have to activate the feature first.

Now, many types of the latest branded cellphones have NFC features, but unfortunately there are still many users who don’t know how to use NFC properly.

In this article, we will discuss about the NFC feature, which is only found on mid-range cellphones, meaning that cellphones already have this feature.

Before you know how to use NFC for ATM cards, you should find out what the function of NFC is.

How To Use NFC For ATM Card

1. NFC Function

How To Use NFC For ATM Card
NFC Function

Before entering the core discussion on how to use NFC for ATM cards, here are some of the functions of NFC that you need to know.

A. Transfer Files Easily

Of course you already know a lot that there are many features that can be used to transfer files or phone contacts

The difference is that NFC can do it in a fast and easy way, you don’t even need to use a data cable or don’t need an internet connection.

Like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, you have to do the fairing first.

In NFC, you just need to bring the two cellphones that already have the NFC feature together, select the file or contact you want to send.

B. NFC Tags

The second function is the NFC tag, this function is unknown to most users.

With an NFC tag you can do whatever you want with this one function, for example you want to share a Wi-fi network, you don’t need to share or whisper the password.

C. Opening Applications Automatically

The third function is to open the application automatically, meaning that you can open all applications at home or at work that are connected to the NFC Tag automatically.

For example, turning on the lights, turning off the lights, turning on the AC, turning on the TV and so on.

2. How to Use NFC For ATM Card

How to Use NFC For ATM Card
How To Use NFC For ATM Card

After you know the explanation of what NFC is and what its functions are, now we will discuss how to use NFC for ATM cards on your cellphone. here are the steps:

  • The first step, please open the menu on your HP settings.
  • Then select NFC.
  • Then open the related application, for example Mandiri Online.
  • Paste the ATM card on the back of your cellphone.
  • Later your device will automatically detect it and suggest what applications can be used to access the card information.

How, easy isn’t it? by following the steps above, the application will display the total balance on your e-Money or e-Toll card using the help of NFC.

NFC Advantages And Disadvantages

How To Use NFC For ATM Card
NFC Advantages And Disadvantages

Behind all the technological sophistication of the BFC Feature, it turns out that there are still some shortcomings that must be known.

When compared with its elders, NFC clearly has advantages, for example, NFC does not need to require a very large amount of power when using it.

And also the speed of connecting to the device is very fast, it can even be said to be less than 10 seconds.

However, behind all the technological sophistication of the BFC feature, it turns out that there are still some shortcomings that must be known.

When compared to bluetooth, the NFC transfer speed is slower, besides that NFC is not available in all cellphones even though there are many cellphone users.

So when compared to bluetooth, NFC is less than optimal.

The final word

For those of you who don’t know the function of NFC itself, please refer to the explanation in the review above.

We’ve also shared some of the functions of the NFC feature that you need to know, so you won’t be confused anymore.

For how to use it is very easy, you just need to follow the steps that we have provided in the review.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to use NFC for ATM card. Thank you and hopefully useful.