How to Use Noise Suppression and Lighting Filters in Zoom

How to Use Noise Suppression, Lighting and AR Filters in Zoom

In this tutorial, I will share how to use Filter Noise Suppression, Lighting, and AR in Zoom Meeting.

Recently, Zoom has released an update that introduces new features, namely: lighting control and noise cancellation. These features are quite interesting to use when you are in your next Zoom meeting. These features can make the whole virtual interaction smooth and enjoyable, and you can use them not only for informal video calls but also for professional conferences.

The latest version of Zoom brings filters the ability to adjust exposure, new reactions, and noise cancellation. There is also a neat new feature that lets you overlay your video over the presentation to make it look more professional and modern. The noise-canceling feature allows users to mute background music, and reactions help to express easily without having to make a sound during video calls.

The latest Zoom update brings several new features to use in your next Zoom call. These features were introduced to make virtual communication more lively and enjoyable. While the previous features tended towards professional virtual conferencing, these new added features make overall communication not only better professional, but informal communication as well.

To use this feature, make sure you have updated your Zoom desktop software to version 5.2.0. These features are not available for every individual, therefore, if they don’t show up on your tool, don’t worry, they might be available for you in a few days. The latest version of Zoom has the following features:

AR Video Filters: Just like Snapchat, now you can use AR based filters, like horns, glasses, mustache, etc. Which can be added to videos to fill the fun time during video calls. Apart from that, you can also add an overall color filter to the video to make it look soothing to you and others.

  • Lighting Balance: This feature lets you smooth out the video output by adjusting the brightness of the video, yourself and others on the screen as well. You can find this option in the video settings menu.
  • Noise Suppression: This new feature can help you with meeting if you are working from home and struggling with noisy environment. You can choose from Low to High range, from the intensity of Noise suppression. You can find this option in New noise canceling feature located in Audio Settings > Audio. A new option called ‘suppress background noise’ can also be found in this section and you can decide if this needs to be kept at a high or low level, depending on your preferences.

Apart from that, Zoom has also added a real-time emoji reaction feature that can be used during meetings.

Lighting Adjustment (Lighting Balance)

Now the user can adjust the settings for how it appears on the zoom call. Users will have precise control over touch intensity and lighting adjustments. Users will also have the option to adjust the brightness and smoothness of the skin. In the video settings options, there is a slider switch for “Touch up my appearance” and “Adjustments for low light“.

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To make changes to settings, users can go to
Video Settings> Touch up my appearance, move the slider for dim or bright light adjustment. Options are available to increase exposure in low light situations and can be adjusted in Manual if set to Automatic by default.

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Suppressing Background Noise (Noise Suppression)

Zoom brings another important feature called Suppress Background Noise. Now users can make their video calling experience significantly smoother by suppressing background noise with the help of this feature. Users have the option to keep the noise canceling setting low or high. For presentations, users can adjust the high and low emphasis settings to share background music.

To use this feature, the user must go to
Video Settings> Audio> Suppress background noise and set according to your convenience.

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Video Overlay For Presentation (Video Overlay)

Now users can give presentations by layering and placing their live video next to the presentation. Zoom creates another option for overlaying user videos on presentations. That is, users can get their presentation as a virtual background. For this, the user must go to Share Screen> Advanced and select a slide.

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Filters and Reaction

Zoom incorporates lots of fun filters like aerospace goggles, pirate blindfold, unicorn horn, etc., for its users. Zoom also includes classic filters like Black and White, Frames, Sepia and more. User can express reaction as heart, celebrate, or laugh by using reaction button.

To use this new feature, you will have to update your Zoom app to the latest 5.2 version. You can access the feature via the “Stop Video” and “Video Settings“.

Zoom Video Conferencing is used by many people for many professional virtual meetings. Zoom is becoming one of the most accessible and secure video conferencing tools.

Red Thread | Zoom’s new update has made an extraordinary effort to make virtual meetings smooth and enjoyable. Its features are perfect for professional meetings and informal video conferencing with friends and colleagues.