How to Use Sensi Capa FF V7 on Free Fire

How to Use Sensi Capa FF V7 on Free Fire

This tutorial I will discuss
how to use Sensi Capa FF V7 on Free Fire. Free Fire is a survival shooting game with a battle royale theme that can use the Auto Aim feature, this game is very popular with gamers around the world, and managed to dominate the most popular game on the Playstore with more than 100 million downloads, so it’s no wonder the Free Fire game currently very famous.

With the recoil and scope in this game, not all players can shoot right at the target, let alone get a headshot. For those of you who are fans of the Free Fire game, you definitely know the Sensi Capa FF V7 application. This Sensi Capa FF V7 functions to help auto headshot FF easily for FF players.

Sensi Capa FF V7 is an application made by a third party to increase sensitivity on smartphones when playing the Garena Free Fire game. With smartphone screens that are very sharp and slippery today, you will also get very sensitive control in all online games that you play including free fire games.

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Since this application comes from a third party and is not in the Google Playstore, the way to install this application is a little different because there is an option that must be activated. First of all, download Sensi Capa FF V7 Apk
from hereafter that follow the steps below for installation:

  1. Download Sensi Capa FF v7 first on the link I gave above.

  2. Wait until the download process is complete, after that you go to Settings and then click the Security menu.

  3. Then you enable the Unknown Sources option then click OK.
  4. Next, you can find the apk file then click Install and wait for it to be installed successfully.

  5. Finished.

For those who want to use Sensi Capa FF V7 on Free Fire, then follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the sensicapa V7 apk for your Free Fire.

  2. Then if you haven’t downloaded it, just download it from the link above.

  3. Run the sensi capa FF V7 apk.
  4. From here, all you have to do is swipe right and complete it starting from Sensi 900x to Sensi 2300x.

  5. The slider to the right also includes Sensibilidade of Emulador, Sensibilidade of iPhone, Entrar Rapido No FF, Subir Capa 75%, Velocidade Nos Disparos, 99% Capa, Ultra Sensi, Dar Capa Igual Emulador, Menos Lag, Mira Nao Passar Da Cabeca 70%, Diminuir Ping 75%, Travar Na Cabeca 85%, Velocidade do Cursor, Sensi Macro, Ultra Sensi (500x), Gelo Rapido 85%, Resfriar CPU, Limpar RAM, Movimentacao, Ponteiro do Mouse Grande, Diminuir Bugs 90%, Dar Capa de Lounge, Mira Calibrada, Velocidade Do Ponteiro, Mira Padrao, Controle Total, Remover 90%, Remover 100%.

  6. Check the Throw Memoria and Throw Cache checkboxes.
  7. In the Coloque Uma the DPI is filled with 1400.
  8. Slider to the right and fill in the Geral to Mira Termica sections.
  9. Finally, tap Abbrir Free Fire.
  10. Finished.

PS: In order to better understand and be able to configure the Sensi Capa v7 application, it is highly recommended to watch some videos from gamming YouTubers on YouTube.

That’s the tutorial using Sensi Capa FF V7 on Free Fire. Hopefully this article is useful for you and thank you for visiting.