How to Use Sony Camera as Webcam on PC/Laptop

How to Use Sony Camera as Webcam on Windows PC or Laptop

As more and more people start working from home due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic, companies are trying their best to help people all over the world with their technology. So, following the booming video conferencing saga, to improve the quality of users’ video calls, major camera companies like GoPro, Panasonic, and Canon have launched special software that allows their users to use their DSLRs and digital cameras as webcams.

As if not wanting to lag behind its competitors, Sony recently stepped in and released software “Imaging Edge Webcam” to allow owners of existing Sony cameras to use it as a webcam on their PC/laptop.

In order to use a Sony DSLR camera as a PC/laptop webcam, you must download the “Imaging Edge Webcam” directly from
Sony official website

and you just have to choose your camera model.

After you download this software, then follow the steps below to use your Sony camera as a webcam to get clear video quality on your Zoom or Skype calls.

1. First, you have to enable the required settings on your Sony camera to connect it to your Windows PC.

PS: Each camera model has different settings. So, you can use Sony’s official guide to perform the necessary actions on your camera to connect it to your computer.

2. Now, grab your camera and physically connect it to your PC using the included data cable.

How to Use a Sony Camera as a Webcam on a Windows PC or Laptop-1

3. Then, launch the software “Imaging Edge Webcam” on your PC.

4. In the live distribution/web conferencing software by Sony, change the relevant settings to use your Sony camera as the default camera of your PC or laptop.

5. Now, you can use your Sony camera for video calls or something else.

There he is. So, you can simply download the software (free) and connect your camera to PC via USB cable. Once you have done that, you can use it for meetings on Zoom or use it to record a face camera while streaming your favorite game on Twitch or YouTube.

Currently, the Imaging Edge Webcam software is compatible with 35 Sony cameras including the following:

  • Alpha 9 II
  • Alpha 9
  • Alfa 7R IV
  • Alfa 7R III
  • Alfa 7R II
  • Alfa 7S III
  • Alfa 7S II
  • Alpha 7S
  • Alpha 7 III
  • Alpha 7 II
  • Alpha 6600
  • Alpha 6400
  • Alpha 6100
  • Alpha 5100
  • RX100 VII
  • RX100 VI
  • RX0 II
  • RX0
  • ZV-1

At the launch of this software, Mukesh Srivastava, Digital Imaging Head at Sony said, “At Sony, we are constantly evolving and developing technologies that meet the needs of our customers. With the growing demand for live streaming and video communications, we are excited to launch a new application that will give many Sony customers the ability to easily turn their cameras into highly effective webcams for live streaming, video calling and more.“.

Unfortunately, the software is currently only available for Windows and Sony has not provided any details about a possible release for MacOS.

By following these steps, you can easily start using your Sony camera as a webcam for your PC. Apart from that, you can even use it as a face camera while you are streaming your favorite game on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming.