How to Use Studio Effects in Zoom Meeting

How to Use Studio Effects in Zoom Meeting

In this tutorial I will discuss
how to use studio effects in Zoom Meeting. Once again, Zoom spoils its users by presenting a new feature called Studio Effects. Zoom has gained a lot of popularity over the past few months and continues to be one of the most preferred video calling apps by millions of people around the world. While this platform is a popular choice among working professionals, it is also used by people to communicate with their friends and family members.

With Studio Effects Zoom, users can do cool things like change appearance, change/add facial features, and apply cool filters. Whether Zoom will monetize this feature or not, we can’t say for sure, however, one thing we do know is that Studio Effects creates a virtual environment that users can customize with content from their heart.

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Although effects studio features it’s still in beta testing, users can access a series of filters to change how it looks. Studio Effects provides the tools needed to achieve great results.

Currently, Studio Effects is only available for Desktop PC applications. So, you need to have Zoom for Desktop app on your computer before continuing this tutorial.

First and foremost, you need to confirm that you are using the latest version of Zoom (5.3.1). After you launch the Zoom app on your computer, click on profile icon You are at the top right of the Zoom Home page.

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From the menu that will open, click Check for Updates.

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A new window will open to let you know if you are using the latest version of Zoom. If yes, then you will see this notification. Then click

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If you don’t have the latest version, Zoom will notify you of the same. When you see this window, click Updates and the latest Update will be downloaded now. Wait a few minutes for the update to download, then the app will relaunch by itself. If not, launch it from the Start Menu again.

Once the application is open, go to the page Settings by clicking on the icon right below profile icon. From the menu Settingsselect Backgrounds & Filters. This action will also activate your webcam so that you can see yourself while applying
Studio Effects filters and measure your appearance.

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In Backgrounds & Filtersyou will see options
Studio Effects (beta) on the lower right side. Click on it. On the right, a panel will open with different sections covering each facial feature.

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Before we move on to the tutorials for each effect, keep in mind that each effect comes with three adjustment options:
Shape, Color and Opacity. These three options can be customized to get the look you want.

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Change Eyebrows

The first part in Studio Effects is for your eyebrows. All adjustments will be available on the right while you will be able to see the effect on you on the left in the window that uses your webcam as a mirror.

First, select the type of eyebrow shape from the set of options provided. Zoom gives shapes such as soft curves, thin curves, high arches, curves, straights, sharps, and straight fit. Click on the shape you want.

Next, select your eyebrow color by clicking on the color wheel which is right after the eyebrow shape option. There is a chocolate stock option too if you want something simple. The color wheel, of course, will have more options.

Click on the color wheel to open the color palette. After you click on the color you want for your eyebrows, click OK.

Now, your eyebrows will reflect the color you chose. Next, increase/decrease the opacity of the eyebrows using the slider that is just below the Opacity. Keep moving the slider until you are satisfied with your new brow opacity.

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That’s all you need to know about how to edit and adjust eyebrows using Studio Zoom Effects.

Change Beard and Mustache

The second part of Studio Effects is dedicated to adding and editing a beard/mustache. Zoom offers beards named Blaze Royale, Pencil, Circle, Handlebar, Horseshoe, and Chevron.

Select the beard option you want by clicking on any of the options from the Beard and Mustache section. A beard will appear on your face. Similar to the eyebrows, click on the color palette which is just below the mustache shape options to select the color you want to give your beard. Once you have done that, click OK.

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Move the slider until you are satisfied with the blur of your beard and appearance.

Change Lip color

The last section allows the user to change the color of their lips. For lip related customization, you will only get color and opacity options.

Go to the color palette in the lip color section to change your lip color. From the palette, choose the color you want on your own lips. There are also stock options to choose from. Click OK after you choose your lip color.

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Adjust the opacity using the slider which you will see just below the opacity. Your final result can be as perfect as you want or not depending on the customization you choose.

Studio Effects is a very useful feature to go crazy on special occasions, support your favorite team, or even try to appear more polite for a formal meeting if that’s what you need. It is an effective and convincing virtual makeup with great creative scope and more importantly, this option can be restarted if you need it.

Once you set your own view using Studio Effects, it will still be there when you receive a Zoom call. However, if you want to go back to normal, click Reset button which you will find right after the Lip Color section in the Studio Effects panel.

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Keep in mind that once you hit Reset, all previous customizations will be lost and there is no way to keep the previous look you created (at least for now).

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Studio Effects is a very smart addition to the Zoom section. This feature is great, intuitive and easy to use, especially considering it’s still in Beta and we look forward to the positive effects it has on the app and its users.