How to Use Support Small Instagram Sticker

How to use support small instagram — With the latest update, Instagram has now added a new sticker, namely support for small Instagram. The small Instagram support sticker is an effort from the Instagram company in providing support to MSMEs. In the midst of the Corona pandemic, which doesn’t know when it will end, that’s Instagram’s way of embracing small business people who are currently affected by the Covid-19 virus.

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In the official Instagram business account which is addressed at @instagramforbusiness, the addition of this small Instagram support sticker appears for the first time. So, if you want to use the small Instagram support, there’s nothing wrong with checking there first. So that you know the details of why Instagram released this small Instagram business support sticker.

So basically, this small business support sticker on Instagram is intended by Instagram to support communities, small business people and others in order to survive in the midst of this kind of PSBB. Therefore, if you want to know more about how to use small Instagram support, you can continue reading our article to the end.

How to Use Small Instagram Support Easy

We all know that all over the world, economic activity is experiencing an extraordinary crisis. This is evidenced by the number of workers who have to work from home. However, the so-called crisis is still difficult to overcome. So that these small business people don’t feel indecisive, Instagram has released a sticker to support small business. Yes actually this will not have a big impact on economic change but at least the economic actors have the support of billions of people around the world.

How to use support small instagram
How to use support small instagram

So, we predict that with the support of this kind of small Instagram support sticker. MSMEs in Indonesia are able to continue to bring in visitors to their businesses through their business Instagram accounts because all posts that use the small Instagram support sticker will be collected as one. Interestingly, this Instagram small business support sticker can be used to mention the name of the store you want to support.

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It’s clearer about how to use the small ig sticker support, more or less like this. Read on below so you know the process.

How to Use Instagram’s Small Support Sticker

If you want to use a small business support sticker on Instagram, then you can do it in the following way.

  • First you can open an account Instagram You.
  • Next, you create a story as usual. You can use text only or also with photos that have the nuances of supporting MSMEs.
  • Now add sticker support small business by clicking the sticker icon on the top right.
  • You just adjust the sticker to fit.
  • You can tap the sticker to mention the name of the store you support.
  • If you have, just post it to your story.

By using this method, you have succeeded in using the small Instagram support. Make sure that you have updated your Instagram application to the latest. Why?

Why is the Support Small Business Sticker on Instagram Not Appearing?

This is the reason why the Instagram small business support sticker does not appear. So in general, if the Instagram application is adding new features, so that you can enjoy it immediately, you must immediately update your application.

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That’s all we think, the rest are just minor things, for example cache or something. Anyway, the update continues to restart the cellphone then it’s OK to fix it. So don’t get confused.


That’s how we think about how to use the small Instagram support. Hopefully what we have said above is useful and can support your MSMEs or your friends to continue to survive in these difficult times.