How to Use the Data Storage Feature on WhatsApp

how to use WhatsApp data storage feature

In this post I will discuss how to use the WhatsApp data storage feature. If you are an avid user of WhatsApp, chances are that the messaging app has used up a lot of storage on your device due to the large number of photos and videos being shared. But you don’t have to bother looking for ways to free up your cellphone’s storage space.

To make the task of cleaning redundant files easier, WhatsApp has introduced an improved data storage management tool. So, if you don’t want any more useless files to occupy your device storage space, let’s learn how to use the new storage management feature in WhatsApp.

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How to Use the Data Storage Feature on WhatsApp

Even though WhatsApp has had good storage management tools for a long time, the process of cleaning up unnecessary files is a rather tedious affair. What makes this new tool so efficient is its ability to easily identify, select, and bulk delete items that take up storage space.

What’s more, WhatsApp also provides cleaning suggestions by grouping not only large files but also hogging storage media. By sorting files by size in descending order and offering a quick way to preview them before deleting them, the task of cleaning up useless data becomes easy.

Since new storage management features are available in the latest version of WhatsApp, make sure you have updated the app. On your iOS device, go to
App Store -> Profile. Now, find WhatsApp and updates. On your Android device, launch it
Play Store -> Menu button -> My apps & games. Next, search WhatsApp and updates. Here’s how to use WhatsApp’s data storage feature:

1. Launch WhatsApp on your device.

2. On your iOS device, tap the icon Settings in the lower right corner of the screen. On your Android device, tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen and select Settings.

3. Next, tap Storage and Data.

4. Next, tap Manage storage.

how to use WhatsApp-1234 data storage feature

5. Next, you will see a library of all the files that you have shared on WhatsApp. To allow you to review and remove unwanted items easily, the app offers direct cleaning suggestions. In addition, the application also displays the total storage that has been used.

Now, track all files and delete them in bulk. Make sure to preview the files before deleting them.

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So, that’s how you can use a handy storage management tool to stop WhatsApp from eating up a lot of precious storage on your device. It can not only prevent your phone storage from getting messy, but also help apps run smoothly.

Both in terms of top-of-the-line features and security, WhatsApp remains one of the best messaging apps across the platform. In addition, WhatsApp is the most used messaging application with more than 2.7 billion users.