How to Use the Hand washing Feature on Apple Watch (watchOS 7)

How to Use the Handwashing Feature on Apple Watch (watchOS 7)

With watchOS 7, Apple has introduced a new feature called Handwashing detection on its Apple Watch. Once you activate it, every time you wash your hands and put on your Apple Watch, a 20 second automatic timer will start. If you stop washing your hands before 20 seconds, it will ask you to continue.

Apple calls it the first innovation for wearables. In addition, this Apple Watch Handwashing feature can also remind you to wash your hands when you return home. Let’s learn how to enable it, use it, and view your Handwashing data.

How to Enable Handwashing Feature in watchOS 7

In order to use the Hand washing feature of Apple Watch (watchOS 7), you must first activate it. Here’s how to activate the Apple Watch’s Hand washing feature:

1. Press digital crown and tap the icon Settings application.

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2. Scroll down using touch or digital crown. Then tap on Handwashing.

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3. Turn on the Timer switch to enable the Handwasing feature on Apple Watch.
4. Haptics is enabled by default, but you can also disable it.

Now, your Apple Watch will use the motion sensor, microphone (to detect the sound of running water), and the device with its machine learning automatically knows when you start washing your hands.

How to Test the Handwashing Detection Feature on Apple Watch

To test whether this feature is working or not, now wash your hands and this feature will automatically act. A 20 second timer will be displayed on the screen.

If you stop before twenty seconds, the Apple Watch will ask you to continue. Once done, you will see the haptics feedback (if you leave it enabled) and hear the sound.

How to Check Handwashing Data in Health App on iPhone

The Health app is already in sync with Hand washing on the iPhone and shows handwashing data as well. Here’s how to view them and add them to favorites.

1. Open Health app on your iOS 14 device.
2. Tap Browse.
3. Tap on Other data.

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4. Tap on Handwashingyour data will be visible there.

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5. If you want to see this information under Summary on the main Health app screen, scroll down and tap on Add to Favorites. That’s how you can activate, use, and know if you have washed your hands properly or not. Washing hands properly should become a daily habit. Most germs and diseases are transmitted within us through our own hands.

On the privacy side, Apple mentions that the sounds used to detect handwashing are not recorded or stored in the Health app or on the watch itself.