How to View Blocks on Facebook Lite Easy

Using a Facebook account, be it Facebook original or Facebook Lite, you are provided with a blocking feature. Block here you can use to block someone who is disturbing on Facebook. But where is the block list on Facebook? If you are like those who are looking for how to see blocks on Facebook then we will explain to you.

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Here we will use the Facebook Lite application to help you see the blocks on Facebook. This is because Facebook Lite is actually lighter, easier, access to everything is faster than the Facebook Original application.

How to see blocks on Facebook
How to see blocks on Facebook

Let’s just look at how to see blocks on Facebook as we will tell you below. Of course, you must have installed the Facebook or Facebook Lite application because they are actually very similar.

How to View Blocks on the Latest Facebook

Come on, first install the Facebook Lite application on your cellphone if you haven’t already. If so, hurry to our post. Of course this will be very simple. You can follow the guide on how to see blocks on FB without having to work hard. The problem is that in the new Facebook application, finding blocks is a little different from the old Facebook.

If it’s the old Facebook, the block list is in Settings and in the block section you can see it. It’s a little hidden away. But for now, when we use the new FB Lite app. It’s actually easier to see the block list on Facebook.

Let’s follow our step by step review how to see blocks on Facebook. Hopefully in 2022, you will no longer stutter in technology like the old days.

How to View Blocks on Facebook Lite

If you are like us, using Facebook Lite, then how to see the block list on Facebook is more or less this way.

  • Open your Facebook Lite App.
  • Next, tap on the triple line in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down through your profile and select Arrangement.
  • Then, you scroll down a bit again in the privacy section > select Blocking.
  • In this place you can see the blocks on your FB

By following the method above, you can immediately see the blocked list on your Facebook. Don’t forget to tap add block if you want to add another one. Tap unblock if you want to unblock yours. Also Read: How to Report Instagram Account.


How to see blocks on Facebook is easy. Only through the settings under privacy settings then you will find blocking.

Please fiddle with yourself in that section then you will be able to play to block and unblock other people’s Fb accounts.