How to watch movies on torrent without having to download

How to watch movies on torrent without having to download

There are several reasons why someone prefers to watch movies on torrents without having to download them first to their PC/laptop. For example, there is always a concern that Torrent video files may contain potentially harmful programs such as malware or viruses.

Likewise in some cases, streaming or watching movies on torrents online can be a brilliant idea even if you are not too sure which movie or series you need. Whether it is the same file you are looking for or not, you can then decide if it needs to be downloaded or skipped.

Overall, the reasons to stream or torrent movies online are plenty, and so are the options. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best options that you can use to watch torrent movies without having to download them first.

Here are some of the best apps and sites to watch Torrent movies without having to download them on your PC/laptop first:

Web Torrent

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Web Torrent is an open-source application for watching Torrent Movies without having to download them on your PC/laptop which comes with a plethora of useful features. To start with, you can access its source code on GitHub. In terms of features, it takes advantage of the prioritized streaming segment. This means that even if it can’t load the segment it needs, it moves on to the next frame to load, thus minimizing buffering time.

Apart from that, Web Torrent also has the option to stream videos to AirPlay or Google Chromecast. The fact that it supports the WebTorrent protocol makes it compatible with most of the popular web browsers. The only downside is that it’s still in beta, so you might witness some ups and downs while streaming. It’s also the only entry on this list that has support for Mac and Ubuntu as well (besides Windows).

Downloads for: Mac | Linux | Windows

Soda Player

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Soda Player is a service for watching Torrent Movies without having to download them first. The biggest plus point in using this torrent streaming service is the fact that it uses a SOCKS5 proxy. This instantly translates into a double benefit: you can bypass the maximum throttling limit set by your ISP and your privacy is safe. Since you are using Proxy, you can also easily access geo-restricted content.

Talking about content, it supports HEVC/H.265, AC-3, DTS, WebM codecs. Apart from that, you can also stream videos up to 4K (if your screen supports it). Another pretty nifty feature is its ability to automatically fetch subtitles from OpenSubtitles if the torrent file you’re loading doesn’t have it.

Downloads: Soda Player


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While the above two in this list require you to download the standalone app, on WatchTorrent it is not necessary. enough scopy Magnet URL (right click on the button Magnets Download on the torrent site of your choice and select Copy Link), then paste it in the column Insert Magnet WatchTorrent and click Start Stream.

Now we move on to the features, WatchTorrent comes with a file explorer which lists all the related files of that torrent. You can also increase or decrease the playback speed, speed up a certain amount of time (default is set to 15), or rewind the clip.

How to watch movies on torrent without having to download-4 is another torrent streaming site for watching Torrent Movies without having to download them on your PC/laptop. On this site there are two different options to view your videos. It includes the option to copy-paste a magnet URI or load a .torrent file downloaded from your PC. Apart from streaming, it also comes with an option to download torrent files in ZIP format. It will not only save storage space but also consume less bandwidth if you download it. also has a Chrome extension, so if you are using the Chromium browser, this integration will streamline torrent streaming capabilities. Apart from that, the auto generated text feature works much better than expected.

Visit: | Downloads: for Chrome

Rox Player

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This popular media player comes with a built-in torrent streamer. Whether it’s a .torrent file, a magnet link, or a direct download link from a file, Rox Player can easily retrieve the required information from any of these sources. As far as the usage instructions go, you just need to click on the Magnet Torrent link and select this media player when the browser command pops up. Or you can download the .torrent file and load it manually into this media player as well.

Downloads: Rox Player

Magnet Player

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One of the most minimalistic entries in this article is Magnet Player, it comes with a clean and easy to navigate user interface. And not to be confused by the name, this is a streaming site and not a standalone player. As such, it accepts magnet URIs, .torrent files, file URLs, or even hash string info, something no one else can claim. Utilizing WebRTC, it is easy to combine with many web browsers.

However, the number of WebRTC-enabled torrent clients is quite limited (with Web Torrent being the most popular). Since most of the clients still use TCP/UDP (like BitTorrent and Torrent), the number of torrents you can stream is currently limited. But due to its open source nature, it has active support and development going on on GitHub, so you can expect more clients to be added soon.

Visit: Magnet Player

So that was this guide on how to watch videos on torrent without having to download them to your Windows PC. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.