https bit iy peruri recruitment, here is the link for the list

https bit iy peruri recruitment — For those of you high school / vocational equivalent graduates who are looking for work from PERURI PERUM then you can check our article below to get a link to the PERURI contract employee selection list for the position Production Operator and Technician Helper (HOPT) and Khazanah and Verification Helper (HKV).

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You can apply online to get the position. The online registration of candidates for the PERUM PERURI job vacancy selection has officially been opened from August 9-13, 2022. So there is still time for you to get a job in that position.

You should know that the selection process for contract employees at PERUM PERURI 2022 is free of charge. Therefore, you are required to be very careful if there are people who offer services so that they can be quickly entered and accepted. Because considering this process is free so there might be a lot of things like that.

https bit iy peruri recruitment, hurry up and join

You can directly register yourself for this August 2022 Perum PERURI job vacancy by visiting the page. From this page you will be able to register yourself to take part in the selection of contract employees at Perum Peruri.

https bit iy peruri recruitment
https bit iy peruri recruitment

Here later the process that is a little confusing is just how to create a KTP link link on Google Drive. Therefore, we will explain in the next post. Our goal is so that you don’t get confused by attaching the KTP link on Google Drive to this registration form.

So, instead of you being confused, just take a look at the procedure for registering online at Perum PERURI. If you have any confusion, please comment below.

How to Apply for a Job at Perum PERURI August 2022

Follow the instructions below for the registration process.

  • This registration is done online from the link
  • Next, participants must fill in the information according to what is on the Google form.
  • You must upload documents with the following conditions:
    • Scanned document from the original document. You are prohibited from uploading photocopies of documents.
    • Documents in the form of ID cards, transcripts / report cards for semesters 1 – 6/8, diplomas/SKL (front and back pages showing information on graduation and UN scores).
    • Documents must be uploaded in PDF form.
    • Documents must be legible.
    • The document is uploaded to a private Google Drive and you must have the sharing link enabled.
  • Finally, please copy the link from the document you have uploaded. Then you have to input on the available part of this link

We think the list guide is sufficient. Hopefully you can follow it properly.

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We think that’s enough discussion about https bit iy peruri recruitment. Hopefully this can be useful for all of you. Don’t forget to pray while applying for a job so that you pass. Pray for mom and dad too. Amen.