Hundreds of Free Fire Players Sent To Palestine, Is It True?

Today there is info about hundreds of players Free Fire sent to Palestine. The only problem is that the information is correct or not, so you have to check in our post below. Our goal is to help provide clarification on circulating information.

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From a photo that is widely circulated out there, information about hundreds of FF players sent to Palestine was released by a site under the name CNN. However, after we checked on the CNN page, there was also no information about this.

So, is this widely circulated information just a hoax or is it really true? So, instead of asking questions, we will try to make an analysis of the truth of the information related to this.

Hundreds of Free Fire Players Sent To Palestine, Let’s Find Out

We did come across a Youtube video that looks as if it were true showing the news about this. It’s just that when we checked it turned out to be a scam with the term clickbait. So only the thumbnails are taken from CNN. But when we checked, there was no information on CNN about hundreds of FF players being sent to Palestine.

Hundreds of Free Fire Players Sent To Palestine
Hundreds of Free Fire Players Sent To Palestine

So we suspect that this is a hoax. Maybe there are people who want to make memes regarding the disappearance of Palestine from Google Maps. Yes, maybe as a form of their support for Palestine to support the war?.

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Therefore, we strongly advise you to be more careful with information that is in cyberspace whose source is not very clear. Yes, this can lead to wrong perceptions.

Is it true that hundreds of FF players will be sent to Palestine?

From our point of view, probably not. If the number is only hundreds, FF players in Palestine alone might also be enough without having to import from other countries. So the photos that are circulating in cyberspace that you may also see are just people-made memes.

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So, we strongly advise you to be careful of this kind of hoax information. I’m afraid you’ll be used by that person too.


We think that information about hundreds of Free Fire players sent to Palestine is sufficient. Please filter the information that we convey yourself, hopefully it will be useful for you.