Ig I like you filter, how to get it like this

If you find out about ig filter i like you then you are at the right place. This is because we will try to guide you briefly on how to get the ig i like you filter. You can try it right away when you know which Instagram account has created the I like you filter on Instagram.

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Therefore, at the beginning of this article, Trick Area will tell you that how to get the i like you Instagram filter is very easy. Just by lying down, you can definitely get the filter and you’re definitely ready to try it on your respective accounts.

Come on, together with the Trick Area, we will discuss in more detail the I like you filter on Instagram. We really hope if you try it right away because we believe this tutorial will be very easy so you don’t have to bother in making your Ig story even cooler.

Ig I Like You Filter, How to Get It

Exactly the same as other contemporary Instagram filters. To be able to get and use the I like you Instagram filter, you can use the 2 easiest ways. You can directly search for the Instagram account that has created it or you can search for it from the box Browse Effects in the camera section of your Story.

Filter Ig I Like You
Filter Ig I Like You

You are free to find which one. Even if you see tutorials on Instagram, for example, that’s fine. This is because surely you will find it very easy to get the I like you filter. Before going into our core tutorial, actually there is a slight difference between ig filter i miss you, this filter and the I like you filter so much. It’s just that sometimes because the user doesn’t know it ends up getting mixed up.

So, instead of you being confused and not knowing the exact details of the procedure so you can get this I like you filter, please just check our post until it’s finished. We take this procedure directly with practice so we can share it with you.

How to get the I Like You filter

So that you can get the I like you filter, this is how you can do it.

  • open Instagram You.
  • (1) Next, you can open your story camera and swipe right from your effects range > then tap Browse Effect > just type I Like You. Then you will get filter recommendations according to what you are looking for.
  • (2) In addition, you can also do this, open Instagram > navigate to the search section > from search write account on behalf of shalikianie_.
  • Go to their profile and tap on the smiley image. From the list of filters he created select a filter I Like You.

With these two things, we are sure that you will be able to get the i like you filter you are looking for. Don’t get the wrong filter I like you so much because the maker is different.

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So we will give different tutorials to get these different filters. Check out our next post. We will update for you.


That’s a very simple explanation from us about ig filter i like you. Hope you can apply it. Don’t forget to comment below to get help from us if there’s an ig filter you’re looking for.