Indosat Free Call Code 2022

One of them is by using a secret code that not many people know.

In the midst of technological developments like today, competition between providers is getting fiercer and this is evidenced by the price war for cheap internet packages carried out by a number of cellular operators.

As a customer, of course you are also required to be smart in choosing a quota package according to your needs.

In response to this, many providers provide a number of promos through secret codes, such as the Indosat secret code which, if accessed, will provide free quota for loyal customers.

By accessing the code, as a customer you will also get additional internet quota, voice calls, and SMS.

Discussion of Indosat Free Call Codes

Broadly speaking, the operator has provided different access codes for each quota package.

The presence of this Indosat secret code aims to attract customers not to use this service provider.

Evidently, with this free Indosat quota, customers are very attracted and start switching to the yellow provider.

But unfortunately, there are still many people who don’t realize how cheap this Indosat Ooredoo internet package is.

That’s why we created an article about Indosat free calling codes for those of you who want to get free quota via a secret code. Listen to the end!

Indosat Free Call Code

1. Indosat Free Call Code, Free Internet Quota, Call and SMS

Indosat Free Call Code
Free Indosat Call Codes, Free Internet Quota, Calls and SMS

Indosat is a provider that has been in the telecommunications industry for a long time.

Through this provider you can get to know the IM3 and Mentari cards that have triumphed in their time.

To compete, the operator developed a promo system through Indosat’s secret code which was sent via SMS notification.

For example, you top up Indosat’s 1GB free quota and get a free promo according to the package you have.

Unlike Telkomsel which also provides free quota and cheap internet packages only to selected customers,

However, Indosat provides this promo to all its users without exception, and this is the main attraction of this yellow provider.

In addition, IM3 card users will also be pampered with packages that are quite competitive and cheap.

You will not find this hidden internet package in the *123# menu and the MyIM3 application has become an open secret.

Although not published via Push Notification, in fact almost all customers can activate this bundling.

This is what finally makes many people summarize the latest Indosat secret codes.

When you successfully access it, there you will get free quota directly and also several codes containing cheap and tempting quota offers.

You can listen to the full review below to find out the Indosat free calling code provided.

2. List of Indosat Free Call Codes

Indosat Free Call Code
List of Indosat Free Call Codes

Some of these secret codes to get Indosat’s free quota are often a question among IM3 card users.

Although there are many sites or forums that contain references to this free quota code, not all of them work.

The reason is, there are times when the operator has closed the gap and stopped the promo program and moved the service.

In some cases the free code does not fully provide free quota bonuses to customers.

But usually there you will find a cheap internet package and when you activate it, you can enjoy the privileges provided by the operator.

Among them are being able to SMS to others, make calls to IM3 fellows, to get unlimited chat quota.

Here are some Indosat free calling codes that you can follow as a guide if you want to try and get a free quota.

Secret code Quota Bonus Active period
*123*100*1# 1.5GB Free sms, call, and Whatsapp 1 month
*123*100*2# 4GB Free sms, call and whatsapp 1 month
*990*250*1*1# 500MB Free calls and SMS 3 months
*990*250*2*1# 3GB 3 months
*990*250*2*2# 3GB Free access path 3 months
*990*250*2*3# 3GB Free BBM 3 months
*990*250*3*3# 12.5GB Free chat 6 months

In this article, we have summarized a collection of Indosat’s free codes from various sources and based on information from the quota capital in the table above, you can see how.

However, we cannot guarantee the validity period of the Indosat secret code, because no one knows how long this package promo will last.

Indosat can revoke and replace it at any time they want. Good luck!

That’s why, while this code is still active you can directly claim your Indosat free quota and we recommend choosing one of the appropriate codes as needed.

You can also try all the codes to see which ones are still working and which ones are dead.

Then, what if the code set is dead? Easy! You just need to look for an alternative Indosat internet package that is as cheap as the Indosat secret code above.

For how to activate it, you only need to dial the UMB code on your cellphone and you will be presented with a menu to purchase the Indosat combo package.

Please follow the steps on the menu and wait until you get a notification that the activation of the free package and quota was successful.

3. Indosat Free Call Code With Indosat Secret Code *929#

Indosat Free Call Code
Indosat Free Call Code With Indosat Secret Code *929#

Streaming movies, watching Youtubers and social media have certainly become part of daily activities.

Not to mention the primary need of the community, namely to communicate both orally and in writing.

Finally, the need for quotas also increases in line with the activities and needs that continue to grow.

The secret code for cheap Indosat internet packages has become one of the things that many IM3 customers are looking for.

This Indosat free calling code *929# allows IM3 and Mentari card users to activate a special Indosat internet package.

Why? Because all the quota package offers in the secret code have large volumes at low prices.

Yes! Even though it’s not completely free, you can feel the sensation of unlimited internet and coupled with a free Indosat bonus for only 25 thousand.

Indosat Packages Quota bonus Active period Price
Unlimited Apps 2GB 30 days IDR 40,000
Unlimited Youtube 3GB 30 days IDR 60,000
Volume Based 6GB 3GB 30 days IDR 40,000
Volume Based 4GB 1GB 30 days IDR 30,000

The last choice for the secret code of Indosat *929# is the New package, which incidentally offers 4 promo variants and each is active from 60-90 days with a total quota of 6GB.

All customers have the opportunity to activate the Indosat internet package above without terms and conditions.

But you should also know that not all work completely Unlimited when you activate a service.

This rule also applies to all variants at all providers, even though it is labeled Unlimited but the operator imposes a reasonable usage limit or FUP.

The final word

Well, that’s the information we can share with you about the Indosat provider free calling code that you can use.

For those of you who are curious and want to get a free internet quota, please try some of the codes that we have shared.

You can try all the codes to find out which codes are still active and which are not, because the provider can turn them off at any time.

That’s all our discussion in this article about Indosat free calling code. Thank you and hopefully useful.