Instagram Music Feature Not Appearing, Here’s How To Fix It

Instagram Music Feature Not Appearing — We will explain about this in detail. We realize this is very important. Area Tricks really hope this article can be useful for all readers.

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Tricks Area understands that music features have been around for a long time. It’s a shame that Indonesia hasn’t got the update yet. So what’s the deal? Yes we will try to peel in this article to completion.

You are obliged to read this article to the bottom. You can read it carefully. We hope that you will read it slowly so that it works.

Instagram Music Feature Not Appearing, Don’t Worry

We will explain about this to the end. We realize that Indonesia does not get this feature. What is clear America can use it.

Instagram Music Feature Not Appearing
Instagram Music Feature Not Appearing

How to bring up the music feature on ig must use a little trick. You should read it from our site. Hopefully that way you can understand how to solve if the music feature doesn’t appear on your ig.

Do not let you not try it because it will be very easy. We draw conclusions from this article below.

How to Bring Up the Music Feature on Instagram

Please follow as follows.

  • First you have to first install the VPN or Tunnelbear application.
  • After that, you first clear the application data Instagram You. The trick is to simply delete data from your cellphone system.
  • Second, you have to set Instagram not to run in the background.
  • If so, all you have to do is open the VPN or Tunnelbear application to change your IP address to America.
  • You open the Instagram application and please log in to it.
  • Finally, you can create an Instagram story to check whether the music feature or music sticker has appeared or not.

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The final word

So our explanation of the Instagram music feature does not appear. Hope this is useful for you. We hope that this tutorial was useful for all of you.