Keen: An AI-based Pinterest Alternative From Google

AI-based Pinterest Alternative From Google

AI-based Pinterest Alternative From Google | The Area 120 team from Google has released an alternative to AI-based Pinterest. This new platform is called Keen and is a collaboration between Area 120 and the Google People and AI Research (PAIR) team. It is available on the web along with an app for Android.

The idea is very simple, Keen helps you to find what you are interested in instead of searching the web and browsing the obscure. Anyone can create interest on the platform and add content in the form of text, links or web searches. Others with similar interests can discover it and contribute to it. Keen can be public or private which also limits contributions. Just like Pinterest, users can save likes and organize them into collections. The platform uses machine learning and offers tailored suggestions based on user interests.

Keen is a platform from Google so no need to create an account, you can sign in with your existing Google account. You can use the platform on the Web through the website or download the app on your phone. Each Keen has a cover image with their name and contribution written on it. Below that, you get a number of followers and favorites along with a button to follow that Keen.

While adding Keen, you can create collections to keep the interests you follow in an organized manner. The same goes for the wishes that you create or collaborations. When you open a Keens, you get two different pieces, Gems and Explore. The Gems section shows content added to Keen while the Explore section suggests similar content. Keens itself can have various sections based on the content added to it.

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In terms of collaborating, you can add text to Keen, links to external sources or web pages. Along with that, you also get an option to add from search where you can search the query and add the result to Keen.

How to Make Keen

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If you can’t find anything to your taste, you can create an interest for it. Creating a Keen is simple enough that there is no need to add anything. When creating an interest, just type in your interest and select a suggestion for it. Based on that, the platform created an Explore section for Keen. The Gems section remains empty unless you add something to it. You can visit Keen from here.

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While creating Keen or after that, you can make it public or private. You can also invite contributors to collaborate on keen and enable email updates for updates. While doing so, you can also choose how often to search the web for new things to explore (in days) and maximum number of suggestions to explore each time.

Red Thread | The idea behind Keen is really interesting and can be very useful and time-saving for people who know what they are looking for. Instead of surfing the obscure web, you can find interest for it and from there, machine learning keeps you busy with relevant content. It works like TikTok but with the feeling that you don’t waste time and learn something meaningful.