Lazada Mobile Legend Event, Get Free Skins and Diamonds

Lazada Mobile Legend Event — Game lovers Mobile Legends should be proud because now one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia, namely Lazada, is providing a very interesting event. You can get free skins and diamonds from the event. Unmitigated you can get 500 free diamonds with this lazada ml event.

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So it is undeniable that many Mobile Legends players are looking for ways to get 500 diamonds and premium skins from the Lazada Event. Therefore, in order to help answer the bounty hunters from this Lazada event, please read this to the end.

Here are the details on how to get free skins and diamonds in Mobile Legends from the Lazada event. Hopefully what we explain below you can understand and you will find the event soon to get the free gift.

Lazada Mobile Legend Event, Check Out Below

The original event name for this event is the Lazada Share Pocket event. For some reason, it is easier for people to mention it with the Lazada Mobile Legends event. Therefore, you need us to realize that this event is the same as the original.

Lazada Mobile Legend Event
Lazada Mobile Legend Event

If you successfully complete the mission in the event. You will get a gift in the form of free Lazada balance. So immediately complete all the missions and you will certainly get a lot of Lazada balance.

If the Lazada balance that you have collected is quite a lot, then you immediately buy diamonds with that balance. So here’s what you can do to get free diamonds from the Lazada event. That’s why some say they can get free ML skins and diamonds.

How to Get Free Diamond Mobile Legends at Lazada Events

If you are curious to be able to participate in the Lazada event, please check the following method.

  • You have to install the Lazada app and create an account if you don’t have one. But if you have, you just have to open the application.
  • Click the event link Lazada Share Pocket which is on your app dashboard.
  • On this page, you will get a Lazada balance credit of Rp. 127,000. However, Lazada’s credit balance can only be used after reaching Rp. 150,000.
  • To increase your Lazada credit balance, please share the event link with other people.
  • Later, when your balance reaches 150 thousand, you can immediately top up ML diamonds easily.
  • You just need to buy Mobile Legends diamonds with the Lazada application and use Lazada Credit Balance as the payment method.
  • You will get 706 diamonds from this purchase. How? Cool, right?

So that’s just how to get free Mobile Legends diamonds at the Lazada Mobile Legends event. Hopefully it can be followed.


We think it’s enough for the discussion about the Lazada Mobile Legend event. Hope this information is acceptable. Don’t forget to try it who knows this is your luck as a Mobile Legends player.