Link Slayer 07 2022

Link Slayer 07

Link Slayer 07 – As WhatsApp (WA) users, it seems that we always have to be careful, because there are people who want to interfere by sending viruses.

If the virus is sent to your WA contacts and opened, then an error will occur, even though it does not harm the account, but the virus must be watched out for, guys.

Because it can interfere with comfort when we are busy chatting with the doi or other closest people.

The virus in question is Slayer 07 which is in the form of a picture of a person wearing a detective’s outfit who is smoking a cigarette.

Slayer 07 is a WhatsApp virus in the form of an image, but it can cause lag or errors, because it will work when the user opens a hat that contains the image virus.

Slayer 07 can be made yourself, guys, if you are interested in making it, because the process or method is fairly easy.

If you are interested in creating a link slayer 07, then you can listen to this article to the end, because we will share the steps.

Link Slayer 07

How to Make a Link Slayer 07 using the Photo & Picture Resizer Application

Link Slayer 07
How to Make a Link Slayer 07 using the Photo & Picture Resizer Application

So that Slayer 07 can be created, then you must download the Slayer 07 image first, then the virus text is entered as much as possible into the image information.

For the process or steps, it is almost the same as how to create a vircon, but virkon must add a virtex to the contact information, while the slayer must be included in the image information.

To insert a virtex into an image, it takes a supporting application called Photo & Picture Resizer and can be downloaded via the following link (Download the Photo & Picture Resizer Application).

As for how to make Link Slayer 07 using the following application:

1. Download Image Slayer 07

  • For the first step, please download the Slayer 07 image via this link (Download Image Slayer 07).
  • Make sure the image has the following characteristics:
    • Image of half body & facing left
    • Wearing a top & left hand holding a magnifying glass
    • Wearing all black detective outfit
    • Smoking cigarettes and white background color
    • The shape of the frame is round and there is the word slayer 07 inside the frame
    • Color outside black frame

2. Inserting a Virtex Image into the Information Slayer 07

  • Open the previously downloaded application, namely Photo & Picture Resizer
  • Press the Choose photo option, once the application is open.
  • Then find and select the image slayer 07.
  • After that, click on the Resize Image option and scroll down to the File Size option.
  • Then select customize and enter 30MB.
  • Click the Rename option and enter a virtex of up to 100 characters, guys.
  • To save, please select the Replace option, which is in the lower right corner.
  • So that application ads do not appear, so that the Slayer 07 creation process runs smoothly, it is recommended to turn off the internet connection on your device, guys.
  • Slayer 07 has been successfully created and can be sent to a contact or group in your WhatsApp account.

The final word

That’s the way that can be applied if you want to create a virtex slayer 07 link on WhatsApp guys.

What should be noted, when creating virtex slayer 07, you only need to edit the image so that the file size becomes larger than before.

Learn and apply each step well, so that the virtex slayer 07 link creation process is carried out successfully.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about link slayer 07 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.