Long Nose Filter on Instagram, Here’s How You Get It

The Long Nose Filter on Instagram or what is commonly called the floppy nose is starting to be loved by many users. Therefore, we will be happy to discuss this long nose filter to the end. Hopefully by reading this article you will understand very well how this long nose filter can be used in your ig stories.

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As is the case with other Instagram filters, such as the ig i like you filter, the instagram potato filter, the filter how fakboy are you and so on, to get a long nose filter is more or less the same, which only requires the account of the creator or you can also browse from Browse Effects.

Now so that you understand each method, please see how to get the following long nose filter on your Ig account. This will not take up a lot of quota so please just try it right away to make it easier.

Long Nose Filter on Instagram, Let’s Try it

If you want to get a long nose filter by searching for the Instagram account of the creator, this will actually be much faster in our opinion. However, it all depends on your choice. If you want to search for it from the search for effects section or by looking for the creator’s ig account, it will be just as easy.

Long Nose Filter on Instagram
Long Nose Filter on Instagram

Our advice, if you want to find out how to get a long nose filter on ig, then please go to the account iamcraiglewis2. From that account, you can get a long nose filter. Funny and interesting, not like Pinocchio, but like the trunk of an elephant.

Let’s try it step by step so you can get this long nose filter. Do it casually, lying down is also okay because basically it’s simple and won’t cause a lot of sweat.

How to Get a Long Nose Filter on Ig

How to get a long nose filter like this.

  • Open the app Instagram You.
  • Then, you can search for the ig account that we mentioned.
  • Go to his profile. Tap the smile image. Then select the floppy nose filter.
  • Tap to open the filter.
  • Then tap Try to be able to use it right away.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to save the effect.

Just like that you can get a long nose filter. Hopefully what we provide in this article is useful for all of you.

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That’s our explanation of how to get the Instagram long nose filter. Hope this explanation is useful. Please comment if you have other filter requests to discuss.