Ludo King 2022 Dice Formulas

Ludo King's Dice Formula

Ludo King’s Dice Formula – Playing games is fun when together with friends. one of which is a game identical to the board, dice and tokens.

Then, what if you keep losing? No need to worry because we have information to quickly win playing Ludo King Local Multiplayer for you.

This shows that this game is getting more and more popular and is still a favorite to kill boredom.

Ludo King can be played online or offline, games that support this multiplayer feature can be played simultaneously.

Especially now that there are many tricks that can be tried to play it in order to avoid defeat.

For those of you who are curious about the tricks or formulas for the Ludo King dice that we will share and use, please see the complete review below.

Ludo King’s Dice Formula

1. How to Use the Ludo King Dice Formula to Win Fast

Ludo King's Dice Formula
How to Use Ludo King’s Dice Formula to Win Fast

For those of you who really like playing games to relieve boredom and fatigue, of course this Ludo King game can be a reference for you.

However, what if you keep losing? Well, here we have provided several ways to win, namely using the Ludo King dice formula for you to use.

A. Using Ludo King Mod Apk

The first trick to outsmart this game is to install an application that has been modified and is widely available on Google.

But before that, the old application must be removed first in order to use it and once installed you can play it as usual.

What you have to remember is to use a red layer, when it’s your turn to tap the dice do it for 5 seconds and a number 6 will appear in a row.

It should also be noted that this method cannot be used if 1 token has reached the finish line, but it can still be used to find odd and even numbers by tapping 5 and 2 seconds.

Download Ludo King Mod APK

B. Pay attention to how to roll the dice

The next way is to pay attention when your opponent throws the dice, carefully observing the last number from the previous game to get a value of 5 to 6.

If the number 1-3 appears, then you have to roll the dice at 3-4 seconds, and if the number 4-5 comes out, throw it again in 1-3 seconds.

You also need to memorize the point where your opponent’s friend gets the dice.

When that point gets the number 6, then you have to throw it the same way to get the right value too. Easy isn’t it!

C. Play with One Token

Before doing this Ludo King local multiplayer dice method or formula, you must know where the safe zone is.

The red color is the area for each privately owned token, while all tokens that occupy it have a safe tick in purple.

Playing with one token means securing players who have left the base to stay in the safe zone.

Then run the remaining ones until the finish, for the tokens that were secured earlier run to completion as well.

This method is done to prevent you from being kicked by opposing players.

D. Waiting for the opponent in a safe position

The following tips might help you not to lose when playing Ludo King, namely by waiting for a friend in a safe position.

This aims to turn off the opponent’s movement, this method is very easy to do, the important thing is that you have to estimate correctly and be careful.

Try to keep your opponent’s position in the middle so that they don’t have room to move if they don’t get the right dice number.

If you have, then it is very easy for you to get out of the game, don’t forget to position your own token in the safe zone so you don’t get kicked too.

E. Advance Together and Finish Game Quickly

The trick to winning with this last Ludo King local multiplayer dice formula is to run the tokens simultaneously.

Although this method has a high risk, it is considered merciful to win the match and many have tried it.

The risk obtained is that your token is easily kicked out of the game if you are in front of your opponent.

However, it is possible that your friend’s players can also be in front of you easily, so you have to be careful.

The final word

Well, those are some tricks and tips that you can try and we can share, using them will reduce the level of defeat you get.

We share this information only as knowledge to increase your knowledge, it would be better if you play and compete in a healthy manner, according to your ability.

But if you’re curious, you can try using a modified version of the application and apply the tricks we share.

That’s all our discussion in this article about ludo king dice formula. Thank you and hopefully useful.