Meaning of Ceunah on Instagram, LB, DM, Notifications, and Feeds

Indeed, there are a lot of terms on Instagram that we need to understand. For example, the meaning of lb on ig, the meaning of dm on instagram, the meaning of notifications on instagram, the meaning of the word feeds in instagram and many others. Not all Instagram users know all of this. Because we suspect that not many Instagram users really understand the ins and outs of Instagram itself. Most of them just use Instagram in moderation. Just ask Javanese people who use Instagram, do you know the meaning of ceunah on Instagram? Definitely don’t know.

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Therefore, starting from the things above, we want to try to share with you all related to the meaning of terms in Instagram, starting from the word ceunah on Instagram, lb on Instagram, DM on Instagram, notifications on Instagram and feeds on Instagram.

Hopefully, by reading the meaning of some of the common terms on Instagram, you know and are ready to use Instagram further. As for all our explanations regarding this we have presented below to make it easier for you.

What is the meaning of Ceunah, LB, DM, Notifications and Feeds on Instagram?

If you are as curious as we are, then we will try to guide you to understand all the meanings of terms in Instagram which are probably already known by many people, but they just don’t understand. Just try a survey of certain Instagram users who know the meaning of the words ceunah, LB, DM, Notifications and Feed on Instagram, surely only a few.

The meaning of ceunah on Instagram
The meaning of ceunah on Instagram

So without reducing embarrassment, let’s dive into the meaning of common terms on Instagram that most people don’t know. Make sure you have a note with you in case you forget it. Because you guys are easy to forget. Haha.

Meaning of Ceunah on Instagram

Regarding the meaning of ceunah on Instagram, it turned out that it came from Instagram users from the Sunda region, West Java. If the Sundanese say it means get it on Instagram. So yeah kind of a hint that everything can be found on Instagram.

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Don’t get me wrong, the meaning of ceunah on Instagram is the name ce’ unah on Instagram. Not the name of a widow or a girl whose name is ceunah. Ha ha. The point is just a marker that something can be found on Instagram.

Meaning of LB on Instagram

If there is a problem with the meaning of LB on Instagram, of course, everyone already knows. LB is Like Back. So requests for mutual likes to posts on Instagram. This is usually a small toy who isn’t sure the post will be crowded, so he asks for likes back to people he’s liked.

Like Back on Instagram or better known as LB tends to have a lot of positives and negatives. The good thing is that it can speed up likes, but the bad thing is that Instagram can give you an action blocked because you do something too often at one time.

Meaning of DM on Instagram

Dm on Instagram means Direct Message. What is meant by direct message is direct message. So it is a means of communication via chat on Instagram.

Meaning of Notifications on Instagram

If you don’t know what notifications are on Instagram then we will try to explain. The meaning of notifications on Instagram is notification or notification. So when someone is associated with your IG account then you will get notifications or notifications from Instagram.

Feed Meaning In Instagram

The feed on Instagram is the entirety of the photos on your Instagram account. But on the other hand, Feed on Instagram means Instagram homepage. So when you want to share something on your Instagram then you will see your Instagram says share to Feed, Story or DM. The feed here is your IG homepage.


So there you go the meaning of ceunah, LB, DM, Notifications and Feeds on Instagram. We hope that this information will be useful in the future. Don’t forget to be happy, okay‚Ķ learning Instagram really needs to be deep.