Minecraft Dungeons: How To Open The Creepy Crypt Gate

How to Open the Creepy Crypt Gate in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Open the Creepy Crypt Gate in Minecraft Dungeons.| Minecraft Dungeons is the latest hack-and-slash action along with crawler themed game developed by Mojang. It offers its players the right kind of reward for perseverance and smart thinking. Unlike many other contemporary games, it emphasizes one’s curiosity and vigilance. The game was also praised for its graphics and music.

It takes a vintage approach to role-playing, placing great emphasis on control tactics as players progress through increasingly difficult levels fighting deadly foes. This game allows you to interact in the battle against the ferocious mobs and against the terrifying power of the evil Arch-Illum.

Talking about the gameplay, there are several interesting and dangerous areas and levels that you can explore in Minecraft Dungeons. Most of these levels can be unlocked in a very easy way. However, there are some more complicated ones that are hidden and require more effort. One such level is known as the Creepy Crypt.

It’s not part of the main storyline, but it’s a bonus mission that helps you add collectibles to your gear. It can be accessed by finding the secret map in the first level of the game, Creepy Woods. This is a great area for gemstone farming. However, some players faced problems when trying to open the gates in this location.

For that in this article I will review how to open the Creepy Crypt gate in Minecraft Dungeons. So without further ado, let’s get started with our guide to unlocking the gates in Creepy Crypt.

How to Open Creepy Crypt Gate in Minecraft Dungeons?

The Creepy Crypt is an ideal location for gemstone farming. This is a fairly small area and contains very few enemies. However, while trying to get out of Creepy Crypt, some players find themselves trapped behind a blue fence. This gate lets players through but does not allow them to return outside. If the player can pass through the gate, he will get a chest on the other side, also trapped between the golden travel gate and the mysterious gate with purplish mist underneath.

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Since there are secrets and chests located on the other side of this gate, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the programmers intended to get players to do so. However, most likely due to an unresolved error, the gate did not let players out of the area. The only method known to work in this situation is to restart the mission and respawn at camp, then proceed to start it again.

I suggest that this blue gate be left undisturbed until the developer fixes this bug. They are known to be fast, so hopefully it won’t take too long. The rest of the Creepy Crypt is yours to loot and explore.

This guide is meant to help Minecraft Dungeons players looking to open the gates in Creepy Crypt. After reading this article, I hope you will understand what is going on here.