Minecraft Dungeons: How To Unlock Arch Haven

how to unlock Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Unlock Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons | Minecraft Dungeons has several secret locations to loot and get extra rewards. However, this secret location is not easy to find. Especially most of their entrances only appear in different areas, and sometimes there are also separate entrances. So secret missions in Minecraft Dungeons are something that you can quickly skip if you don’t know what you are looking for.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled this article with all the information we have in one such location. The location we are referring to here is Arch haven. Arch haven is a secret level in Pumpkin Pastures, and it’s a location for players where they can farm loot. So let’s take a quick look at how you can get to this secret level in Pumpkin Pastures.

How to Unlock Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

Then how to unlock Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons? Now before you start looking for Arch Haven in Pumpkin Pastures, you have to finish Soggy Caves beforehand. For some reason, if you haven’t found Soggy Caves first, then there is no chance that you will find Arch Haven in Pumpkin Pastures.

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If you have solved it, then the first thing you need to look for is a pirate ship. Unfortunately, right now, there is no specific location on the map that shows where ships like this block are located. The site is constantly changing, which means that you may find this ship from the start of the game or the end of the game, towards the left of the map or on the right of the map. No one can predict.

Once you find the ship, go to the lower deck of the ship, and here you will find a map for Arch Haven. But you have to be alert because there are enemies ready to catch you. As soon as you get the map in your hands, several hordes of enemies will appear in front of you. You have to defeat them all and then claim the map afterwards. Only after you defeat all enemies will all Arch Haven locations and quests be unlocked.

It will be a bit of a challenge to unlock Arch Haven, but it will be well worth it especially considering the amount of loot you get inside.

Those are a few tips to unlock Arch Haven in Pumpkin Pastures Minecraft Dungeons. I hope this article has brought you the information you need, and thanks for visiting.