Minecraft Dungeons: Location of All Runes

Location of All Runes in Minecraft Dungeons

Location of All Runes in Minecraft Dungeons.| Minecraft Dungeons game is the latest game from developer Mojang Studios which is currently at its peak. Minecraft Dungeons assigns players to fight their way through hordes of enemies to earn better gear and abilities. Similar to Diablo, there are several secrets hidden throughout the game including the “???” secret level.

To access this secret level, players need to collect a lot of runes that are locked behind hidden doors. There are a total of nine runes and you will only be able to access these runes after you beat the entire campaign. After the credit roll, you will be able to go through the missions again on any difficulty to hunt for runes. You don’t need to complete the mission after collecting runes. Just grabbing it was enough.

Location of All Runes in Minecraft Dungeons

Here are all the rune locations in Minecraft Dungeons along with how to access the secret level “???”. I recommend doing this on a lower difficulty so that you can easily get past hordes of enemies with less difficulty.

Rune 1 – Creeper Woods

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The first rune is near a small town occupied by corrupt villages. Even though you will be tasked with freeing them, just leave these villages alone for now and go. Fight with anyone who gets in your way until you reach a small wooded area where there is a flat stone floor and some gravel. In the gravel, you will find a switch that can be thrown to open a hidden door. Enter this location, follow the path, interact with the switches, and collect the runes that appear in front of you.

Rune 2 – Cacti Canyon

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For this rune, you have to go through the levels until you reach the area where you need to pick up some keys. On the lower left side, you will find a gated area where you have to defeat several waves of enemies. Once all the enemies are defeated, approach the palm tree closest to the rock wall and click the switch behind it. This will open the secret entrance to the second rune.

Rune 3 – Soggy Swamp

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Unfortunately, this rune is located at the end of the level after you defeat the boss. Reach the end of the level by defeating the boss. Then, head through the gate to the large pillar stone area with mushrooms. Once you get here, you see a prompt. Press the respective button prompts and the entrance to the third Rune will appear.

Rune 4 – Pumpkin Pastures

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The fourth rune at the start of the level after you pass the first burning house. On your right, there will be a big hill that you can climb that connects to the rock wall. As you run in the second house on the right, you see yourself walking along the fort. At the end of the wall, you find some chests, which are your tokens for the fourth Rune. If you arrive at the drawbridge, it means you are too far away so you need to turn around and head back.

Rune 5 – Redstone Mines

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This is another rune in the level, so move on until you are tasked with liberating the villagers a second time. Fight your way through hordes of enemies and embrace the northern wall. Move right along this wall until you start descending down towards some Redstone crystals. You will find a switch among these crystals near the lantern. There are a lot of enemies in this location, so consider defeating them first before you go hunting for the switch!

Rune 6 – Fiery Forge

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This rune is most obtainable, as you start the level progressing through the mines until you reach the first door. Enter and keep running left until you drop a few steps near the dead Redstone golem. You will see a very clear level in the back corner which will open a secret door when activated.

Rune 7 – Desert Temple

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To get the Runes in this level, you will be tasked with finding the golden key. Cross the infested trap area until you can access the key. Once the wall is lowered, you will find another hidden level in the upper right corner of the room next to a palm tree and some plants. This one is easy to miss if you are rushing through the levels, so make sure to explore the area connected to the gold key room.

Rune 8 – Highblock Hall

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Obtaining these runes is a little difficult. You have to pass almost the whole level until you leave the hall and go outside to a small village full of zombies and skeletons. Make your way through the village and stay on the right. Climb the ladder until you reach the level in the stone wall under some stained glass windows.

Rune 9 – Obsidian Pinnacle

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The final rune can be found in the library about halfway through the Obsidian Pinnacle. Once you are inside, kill the golems and villagers until you reach the large library. In the far north you will be able to interact with the books on the bookshelf. Clicking on it will activate the secret passage where the runes are located. This is the only rune that doesn’t require you to enter another area, it will appear in the hidden room that you access.

Unlock Cow Level

Now that you have all the runes, head back to your camp and enter the church. Run all the way back and click the switch under all mysterious symbols. If you have collected all the runes, these symbols will glow purple which opens a wall in front of you. Now open the chest to unlock the “???” level on your map.