No Sound on Zoom, Here’s How To Fix It

Are you finding no sound on Zoom? Then you are looking for how to activate the sound in the Zoom application then if that is the case you are in the right place. This time we will help you to solve the Zoom meeting without sound.

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The problem of Zoom meetings without sound was a problem long before the corona pandemic came. Many people have difficulty understanding how to activate the sound on Zoom either on Android or on a laptop. Therefore, today we will dissect in detail related to problems that often occur on Zoom, especially no sound in the Zoom application.

As for our review of why the Zoom application does not appear sound, we conclude at the end of the core of this article. So you should read on to find out from the start how the zoom sound works and finally it can sound.

No Sound on Zoom, Here’s the Solution

If you know how to solve the Zoom no sound, it’s actually not that difficult. All you have to do is actually just press the setting a little so that the sound in Zoom will come out. Whether you want to use Zoom on a PC or on Android, the way to deal with Zoom does not sound the same.

No sound on Zoom
No sound on Zoom

For example, if you are using a laptop, make sure the speakers on the laptop are not muted. See the speaker icon in the bottom bar is on or not. Next you can also check the volume is loud or not. If it’s possible, try using a headset, because usually by using a headset, you will hear your Zoom as long as you tap it join with computer audio.

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If you use the Zoom application, we also recommend using a headset so that Zoom appears. Tap join with audio Also don’t forget to tap on the left of the headset icon. Yes, the point is, it’s not so difficult to overcome Zoom meetings without sound. It’s just your old-fashioned mind that makes it complicated.

I think in general, how to turn on the sound on Zoom is more or less like that. If in more detail then we will try to do a step by step procedure that you can try as below.

How to Enable Sound in Easy Zoom App

Is Zoom meeting still no sound, don’t worry, below we have a little solution. Don’t forget to try it who knows it will be useful in the future.

  • Please open your hp settings.
  • Next look for the application manager.
  • Look for the Zoom app.
  • Now grant Zoom permission access for the microphone feature.
  • You can now join meetings on Zoom. Make sure you don’t mute your mic and speakers.
  • Don’t forget to join with audio device when the video conference on Zoom is in progress.

So the point is to make sure your audio device has no problems, so we are sure that no sound on zoom can be easily resolved. Oh yes, one more thing, we recommend that you enable auto-connect to Audio through the Zoom application settings.

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Just access your Zoom app > look for settings > find auto-connect to audio. Then you can try to connect automatically with audio during a video conference with Zoom.


We think that’s enough information about no sound on Zoom. Hopefully it will be an insight to all of you about how to turn on the sound in the Zoom application that has no sound. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to be happy.