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Synopsis Backstreet Rookie Episode 8 – Have you watched Backstreet Rookie episode 7 sub indo yet? How is the love story of Pak Choi, played by Ji Chang Wook and his lover? Will Saet Byul confess her reason for leaving the convenience store? Let’s read the preview of the episode that airs on Saturday 11 July 2022 below. Happy reading!

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Backstreet Rookie is a weekend drama that airs on SBS television station. The drama’s broadcast schedule is on Fridays and Saturdays at 21.50 KST or 19.50 WIB.

So for those of you who are curious about the continuation of the story of this drama, please take the time on that day or read the preview here if you miss it.

Synopsis Backstreet Rookie Episode 8

Jung Saet Byul asks if Mr. Choi still misunderstands him. Mr. Choi replies that he no longer considers Saet Byul as someone to be suspicious of.

Saet Byul was relieved by Mr. Choi’s answer and withdrew from the convenience store. Mr. Choi is surprised by Saet Byul’s decision. Mr. Choi questions the reason because it is so sudden.

Saet Byul continued to dodge and said that this was all he had planned. Mr. Choi asks about Saet Byul’s plans in the future, and Saet Byul replies that Mr. Choi doesn’t have to worry about that.

Saet Byul tells Mr. Choi to leave the room with the excuse that he wants to change clothes. Mr. Choi comes out saying that he can increase Saet Byul’s salary, but Saet Byul still tells him to leave.

Eun Byul comes to visit her sister, while praising her brother’s room after Mr. Choi left. Saet Byul and Eun Byul leave the hospital and go to her house.

Saet Byul ran when she saw a lot of people in her apartment. A real estate agent said that he had fallen victim to another property agent’s scam. Saet Byul and Eun Byul have to leave their unit.

Saet Byul did not accept the situation. Saet Byul tells Eun Byul to kick out everyone in their house.

Saet Byul and several people who were victims of fraud reported to the police station. Saet Byul was really stressed with the situation he was in. Saet Byul sat quietly at the police station.

Another scene shows Mr. Choi who is confused by Saet Byul’s attitude. Mr. Choi sat at the cashier grumbling.

Saet Byul and Eun Byul live in a room. Saet Byul counts the remaining money he has. Saet Byul also told Eun Byul that she doesn’t have to worry about money, because she has to focus on studying.

Eun Byul scolds Saet Byul for being deceived by a property agent.

Eun Byul also said that Saet Byul should contact her friends at a time like this. Saet Byul firmly rejected the idea.

Eun Byul continues to rail against Saet Byul until Saet Byul loses control. Eun Byul and Saet Byul kept fighting, until finally Saet Byul decided to leave the room for fresh air.

Saet Byul receives a message from Mr. Choi about his final salary. Saet Byul and Pak Choi also flashback while looking at the messages they have done.

The scene continues the next day, the property agent who tricked Saet Byul comes to see him. The property agent returns all the money that has been given.

But unfortunately, Saet Byul only dreams about it.

Eun Byul wakes up Saet Byul who keeps screaming. Eun Byul said that his brother had gone mad.

Eun Byul also said that Saet Byul should get a new house soon, because she was embarrassed.

The men’s group was watching television. They watched broadcasts about tourism advertisements.

Mr. Choi’s father was also interested in going there, but his other friends laughed at him.

Saet Byul tries hard to earn money. Saet Byul sells herbal medicines and goes around restaurants to get customers.

Mr. Choi and his mother are guarding the convenience store. Mr. Choi tries to explain that Saet Byul has left but the mother keeps telling her about a convenience store owned by her friend who is having a hard time due to part-time work.

Saet Byul walks home and receives a message regarding her case. Saet Byul didn’t notice that she was walking towards the convenience store.

Saet Byul entered with the excuse of taking the journal that was left behind. Saet Byul searched his journal in a hurry.

Mr. Choi enters the convenience store and enters the warehouse where Saet Byul is hiding. Mr. Choi feels his stomach is not feeling well, and blows the wind right around Saet Byul.

Saet Byul plots her way out. However, the inventory section is coming and it’s getting more and more frantic in the warehouse.

The supply department asks about the box, and Mr. Choi is confused. Saet Byul in hiding cursed about it. Mr. Choi also opened all the cupboards in the warehouse to search.

The supply department tells Mr. Choi to call Saet Byul, but Mr. Choi refuses. The supply department called Saet Byul in the end but didn’t pick up.

Saet Byul came out for a while from where he was hiding, and showed the box he was looking for. Mr. Choi also felt strange because there was no box.

The inventory section says that some department stores are haunted.

Mr. Choi does not accept his words and sits in the warehouse. Then, in the closet where he was hiding, Saet Byul made a movement that made a sound.

Mr. Choi feels a little scared and sings a religious song.

Saet Byul came out of the closet after Mr. Choi left. Saet Byul sneaks around every shelf and finally makes it out of the convenience store.

Saet Byul received a video call from Eun Byul, Eun Byul said that she was at Geum Bi’s house.

Saet Byul is a little angry about this, but Geum Bi says that her father isn’t home.

Saet Byul is at Geum Bi’s very luxurious house. Geum Bi turns out to be a webtoon lover

by Dal Shik. Geum Bi also showed off that she left the first comment on the webtoon.

Dal Shik is at the convenience store with Mr. Choi. Dal Shik talks about his assumptions regarding Saet Byul’s exit. Dal Shik said that the main reason Saet Byul left was because of feelings.

Dal Shik describes how Yeon Joo and Saet Byul fight over Mr. Choi. Mr. Choi just silently watched his friend’s chatter and then left him into the convenience store.

Geum Bi asks why Saet Byul left the convenience store, but Saet Byul doesn’t answer. Geum Bi invites Saet Byul to flashback their past at Gunsan.

Mr. Choi finds Saet Byul’s journal, and is still curious about Dal Shik’s assumptions about why Saet Byul left. Mr. Choi sends a message to Saet Byul asking to meet him.

Saet Byul replies to throw whatever Mr. Choi has found, but Mr. Choi refuses.

Saet Byul finally wakes up from his sleep and immediately goes to his first residence. Mr. Choi came just as Saet Byul arrived in front of his house.

Mr. Choi hands over the journal he left behind and asks why Saet Byul left once again. Saet Byul made up the excuse that she needed a lot of money so she couldn’t work there anymore.

Mr. Choi leaves after hearing Saet Byul’s excuse and gives him a gift. Saet Byul feels guilty for lying to Mr. Choi.

The next scene shows Yeon Joo remembering the incident a few days ago, when Mr. Choi delivered goods to his house. Yeon Joo texts and asks Mr. Choi to meet.

The company director invites Yeon Joo to meet the leadership. The chairman invites Yeon Joo out to dinner, but Yeon Joo refuses.

Mr. Choi and Yeon Joo finally have dinner together, Yeon Joo apologizes to Mr. Choi about her mother’s attitude. Mr. Choi also apologized for not being able to greet him properly.

They also spent the evening talking about problems in their relationship.

Mr. Choi gives tickets for the musical to Yeon Joo. The event was the same as the one Yeon Joo and the director would attend. Yeon Joo is confused but accepts the ticket anyway.

Yeon Joo returns home, and gets into a bit of a fight with her mother. Yeon Joo thinks that she has hurt Mr. Choi with her actions.

Saet Byul returns to Geum Bi’s house when there is a fight between Geum Bi and her father. Saet Byul heard the fight because of him.

Yeon Joo walks into the director’s room and says that she can’t go to the musical with him. But the director said that many important people were there.

Yeon Joo calls Mr. Choi and reasons that he can’t attend the musical because he’s meeting an important client. Mr. Choi said that he was okay.

Saet Byul works as a delivery service, and gets into an accident while working. The manager at work blames himself and cuts Saet Byul’s salary.

Geum Bi tells her friend that she has investigated the Saet Byul case but it’s difficult because this case is complicated.

Geum Bi feels bad and decides to play a game. Geum Bi met Dal Shik at the venue and had an argument.

Eun Byul receives a call from the agency. The agency said that he would be a trainee because there were trainees who withdrew. The agency tells Eun Byul to come to the office with her guardian.

Mr. Choi wants to change the schedule to watch a musical. But all tickets are sold out on all days.

Mr. Choi feels stressed about this, besides that he keeps meeting people who talk about Saet Byul. Mr. Choi just kept grumbling about it.

Saet Byul is in a hot spring with her sister. Eun Byul remembers that she has to bring her guardian to the agency tomorrow.

Eun Byul helps Saet Byul clean her wound. Saet Byul is suspicious of Eun Byul’s behavior because she suddenly acts sweet.

Mr. Choi’s mother is happy to receive musical tickets from her husband and is suspicious of his husband’s unusual behavior. Mr. Choi’s mother could guess his husband’s attitude and shouted at him.

Mr. Choi’s mother comes to the convenience store and gets angry with Mr. Choi. Mr. Choi’s mother returns the tickets for the musical and tells Mr. Choi to come to the event with his girlfriend.

Saet Byul received a message from Eun Byul, then immediately ran to see his wallet. Eun Byul takes all of Saet Byul’s money to hire someone to be her guardian.

Saet Byul meets Pak Choi’s mother at the bathhouse and cries in front of her. Saet Byul told about Eun Byul’s problems and Mr. Choi’s mother also told her husband’s problems.

Yeon Joo sees Mr. Choi coming to the musical alone. Mr. Choi watched the event with a gloomy face.

Mr. Choi’s mother meets a friend who tells her that Saet Byul was a victim of fraud. Mr. Choi’s mother immediately looked for Saet Byul at the bathhouse but did not find him.

Mr. Choi returns home after watching a musical. Mr. Choi feels a strange air and is surprised to find Saet Byul there.

~To be continued..~

Preview and Spoiler Backstreet Rookie Episode 8

Episode eight seems to be getting more and more interesting to watch. The upcoming episode will show Saet Byul who is about to go out of the house but gets doused by her neighbor.

Wow, I’m not annoyed if I become Saet Byul.

But on another slide, it shows Mr. Choi who is riding with Saet Byul on a motorbike, looks awkward because there is no grip other than Saet Byul.

Yeon Joo and the director’s relationship is also getting closer. In addition, Saet Byul was also briefly involved in a confrontation with Yeon Joo in the building where Yeon Joo worked.

Why do you think they are? For those who are curious, don’t forget to keep watching this drama! If your quota runs out, you can read the preview here.

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