Samsung 2022 Check Code

Samsung Mobile Check Code

Samsung Mobile Check Code – On this occasion we will share a little information about the performance of your Android phone.

That way you can find out whether your Android phone is still working well or not.

For Android HP users, they can check the condition of their Smartphone by using hidden access menus.

By taking advantage of these features, you can easily find out the condition of your Android cellphone.

Interested in buying a Samsung cellphone? Be careful because now many irresponsible people are selling fake cellphones!

In order not to be easily fooled, please refer to the review on how to check a Samsung cellphone below to prove its authenticity.

Discussion of Samsung HP Check Codes

Now the HP brand can no longer be counted on the fingers, because technology is the fastest growing in the world, including the development of mobile phones.

Almost every country has its own smartphone factory and manufacturer, among the many smartphones, Samsung is one of the largest and oldest cellphone brands in the world.

However, Samsung’s success has not only brought a good name to the country of manufacture, South Korea.

Because of its size, Samsung has its own market in Indonesia and many other countries.

Due to its well-known brand, Samsung now has many replicas, and some of them even look identical to the real thing!

Then, is there a way to prove the originality of a Samsung cellphone? Of course there is! Immediately, we discuss information about how to check Samsung cellphones using a Samsung cellphone check code.

Samsung Mobile Check Code

1. Secret List of Samsung Mobile Check Codes

Samsung Mobile Check Code
Secret List of Samsung Mobile Check Codes

We share this secret code or code specifically for Samsung Android HP users, but also this function may not apply to all Samsung Android HP users.

Here are some secret lists of Samsung cellphone check codes that you can try to use.

  • Code *#06#. Function to display IMEI from your Smartphone.
  • Code *#0001#. To check the serial number of a Samsung cellphone.
  • Code *#1234#. To check the type and version of the Firmware used by your cellphone.
  • Code *#0228# or #8999*228#. Serves to display information related to the battery used.
  • Code *#8999*778#. To check the installed Simcard.
  • Code *#1111#. Serves to display the S/W version.
  • Code *#8999*837#. To display information on the Hardware version of your HP.
  • Code *#8999*782#. To display the current time and date.
  • Code *#9998*523#. Function to adjust the brightness of the Smartphone screen.
  • Code *#8999*636#. To find out the amount of HP storage capacity.
  • Code *#8999*638#. To display mobile network information. Code #*2474#. Serves to display information on the duration of smartphone charging.
  • Code 2767*2878#. To do a custom reset.
  • Code *#8999*377#. To display error log information on Android Smartphone.
  • Code *#232337#. Displays the Bluetooth MAC Address.
  • Code *2767*226372#. To reset the camera settings.
  • Code *#2255#. Displays phone list information.
  • Code *#0000#. Serves to reset the language as before.
  • Code #*5376#. To delete all messages on the smartphone.
  • Code #*2562#. Restart Smartphone.
  • Code *2767*3855#. To do a factory reset (all data on your smartphone will be deleted).
  • Code *#2255#. To display the telephone list information.
  • Code *#92782#. Serves to display information related to the model of the Smartphone used.
  • Code #*2286#. To display HP battery usage data.
  • Code *#8999*289#. To check the smartphone ringtone.
  • Code *#*#197328640#*#. As Factory Test, Back-up, Debug Info, Restore and others.
  • Code *#0*#. To check the various features on the smartphone such as speakers, wifi, bluetooth, camera etc.

The final word

In essence, on a Samsung cellphone there are a number of codes that are quite useful for Samsung Android Smartphone users.

However, all of these features are not immediately explained by Samsung, because only a few people can find out the features of this code.

You can use some of the code that we shared in the review above, according to your wishes and needs.

That’s all our discussion in this article about Samsung cellphone check code. Thank you and hopefully useful.