Shaking Head Photo on Tiktok, Turns out this is the App

Shaking Head Photos on Tiktok – Tiktok is a social media application in which there are many funny, interesting and other videos. You can also create and edit videos along with music and take advantage of other features in tiktok. So you can produce more interesting videos.

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Tiktok has become a popular application until now. Every time there is something new, whether video, term or otherwise, it will immediately become popular. This proves that tiktok is the most influential application for netizens.

On this occasion I will provide information about the tiktok video that is currently viral. Because there are still many who do not know about this. For that, just look at the information below.

What is a Shaking Head Photo on Tiktok?

Shaking Head Photo on Tiktok is a video that contains photos but the head can shake. In addition, the mouth will also be like singing. This photo is very popular on tiktok and many are posting it. Of course this is very funny and interesting to enliven the trend.

Shaking Head Photo on Tiktok, Turns out this is the App
Shaking Head Photo on Tiktok, Turns out this is the App

Many are curious what application is used to edit photos that are going viral on tiktok. Actually you can use 3 kinds of applications, namely Avatarifty, Round DeepFake and Reface. However, this application can only be used on IOS for Android users still cannot use this application.

Well, of course those who use Android will be confused if they don’t use the application. But don’t worry, there is a solution, namely using the Telegram bot. For that, see the information below.

How to Take a Shaking Head Photo on Tiktok

Here’s how:

  • Open the telegram application, if you don’t have it please download it on the playstore,
  • Then type in Round DeepFake search,
  • Then select the photo you want to edit and upload and also upload the video you want to style in the photo.
  • After that edit it to your liking using the default, face swap and other available ones.
  • Wait for the bot to send the results.

With the above method, you can edit photos that are viral on tiktok. Good luck, hopefully useful.

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If that’s the information I can convey in this article. Hopefully useful and add insight. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who don’t know. So useful for many people.