Share Virtex 2022

Share Virtex
Share Virtex – Virtex is an ensi script that can make the WhatsApp account of the recipient of the Virtex script freeze or lag, blank and even cause an instant error, after receiving the virtex chat that you have sent.

Not just blanks, lags, and also errors, this Virtex WA script will also be able to make your Smartphone very slow.

This is caused by the virus text that has been sent, and also consumes a fairly high RAM storage space on your Smartphone.

And usually, people use Virtex Whatsapp Lag just to prank or prank their friends, yes, it’s just for entertainment purposes only.

Not only in the WhatsApp application, this Virtex script can also be used in other applications such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

However, in the discussion of this article, we will focus much more on the social media application that is most often used, namely the WhatsApp application.

Because as we all know, the WhatsApp application has become one of the types of applications that so many people use as a medium for communicating.

As we mentioned earlier, if this Virtex script stands for virus text, which means it is a collection of symbols, text codes, and also letters that can build a malicious script.

So instead of lingering on, let’s go straight to the following Vitex sharing discussion.

Share Virtex

Share Virtex Whatsapp

Share Virtex
Share Virtex Whatsapp

Now there are several types of Virtex codes or Whatsapp script codes that have been created.

Each Whtasapp virtex will be able to have a different impact on the device, ranging from moderate, normal, malignant to deadly interference.

And here are the various types of Virtex Whatsapp:

  • Virtex Whatsapp Text
  • Virtex Whatsapp Arabic
  • Virtex Whatsapp Ferocious
  • Virtex Whatsapp Slayer
  • Virtex Whatsapp Super Trava
  • Virtex Ghost Name

For those of you who are already interested in using this Virtex to just prank or prank friends, it is enough to use a light type of Virtex.

Don’t get too excited by sending a large number of virtex scripts and causing problems with their WA application.

And here is a list of lightweight Whatsapp virtex distributions:

After you download some of the original Virtex script files above, then the next step is to use or send the Virtex script you shouldn’t feel rushed.

And here are the steps you can follow to send a WA virtex:

  • Make sure first if the file has been unzipped.
  • Then open that Virtex.txt Script File.
  • Copy or copy all Virtex Whatsapp text.
  • If the file cannot be opened or experiences lag when opening, you can download the previous Notepad Plus application, via the following link: Notepad Plus.
  • Only then can you copy the Virtex script.
  • Next, you open the Whatsapp application, we recommend using the Whatsapp Immune Apk version.
  • Then create a New Message or Chat.
  • Please add the target’s WA contact.
  • And paste or paste the previous Virtex script in the Chat column
  • Then click the Send option.

The final word

Please continue to repeat the steps above, until you send a sufficient number of Virtex scripts to be able to make the target’s Whatsapp lag.

We suggest that you don’t send this virtex script too much, because it might make you accept a risk of account suspension from the developer.

So, we need to remind you, don’t go too far, so that it can make the target’s Whtasapp unable to be opened again, that’s not a good action.

That’s our whole discussion in this article about share Virtex. Hopefully useful and good luck.