Shopee Free Shipping Voucher For New Users Cannot Be Used (Failed to Checkout D07)

Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers For New Users Cannot Be Used

On this occasion, I will discuss how to solve Shopee’s free shipping voucher for new users, which can’t be used, namely failing to check out D07. Currently Shopee is one of the best Indonesian marketplaces today. This is because Shopee always provides free shipping on every purchase.

In order for you to get free shipping, you must enter a Shopee free shipping voucher. It’s just that Shopee’s free shipping vouchers sometimes can’t be used or used, especially for new users.

Many of our Shopee user friends have complained about this code failing to check out 07. While until now there is no solution or way to overcome it, from the many comments from friends, there are indeed many who can’t use it and haven’t been able to and haven’t found a solution.

There is also a friend from the community who has asked for a solution for this D07 or a special Shopee free shipping voucher for new users that can’t be used. Because I’m still really curious, why can’t it be used, how do I make it work or what is the solution? Here I immediately opened some chat friends with shopee, who knows, here is a solution for the failure of d07.

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How to Overcome Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers For New Users Can’t Be Used

The following is an official statement from Shopee via chat to overcome the Shopee free shipping voucher for new users, cannot be used or fail to check out D07.

  1. First, it is recommended that you update the Shopee application on your phone.
  2. Your internet connection must be stable
  3. Delete some products in the cart that you don’t want to buy yet. The point is that the application is not too heavy. The way to clean is also explained and between Android and iOS phones is almost the same way. For iOs, go to the shopee account, go to my menu, go to account settings, about and clear/clear cache. For Android users also login to my shopee account account settings, information and clear cache.
  4. Log out of your Shopee account and re-login your Shopee account and try it periodically within 1 time 24 hours.
  5. Uninstall the Shopee app and then reinstall the Shopee app.

More or less the core chat from Shopee as above. It is also explained, for example, if you still can’t, you can ask the shopee again later.

Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers For New Users Can't Be Used-1

Yes, the point here is that Shopee has explained and is welcome to try something like that, so try it first, if for example your friends have tried this method and it still doesn’t work, then you can ask shopee again. There are friends who informed me that in order to use the free shipping voucher, you need to use a new cellphone number and new email.

Okay, just get here first, so you guys can try it at home. So that this new user voucher can be used or to solve the problem of failing to check out d07 using a new user voucher as described by Shopee above. So please, friends, try it at home.

That’s the way to deal with the Shopee free shipping voucher for new users, it can’t be used, that is, it fails to check out D07. Hopefully this article is useful, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.