SiRekap Apk, This is How to Download SiRekap

Sirecap Apk — Ahead of the simultaneous regional head elections that took place during the pandemic, KPU has successfully tested an application that is very important for the online data recapitulation process, namely Sirekap Apk Mobile. Therefore, for those of you who want to know in full about this application, please read this information completely.

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This Sirekap Mobile application will be officially used on December 9, 2022. Hopefully on that day Sirekap can be used nationally. This is because in our monitoring, the SiRekap application is still in the beta stage. Therefore, you must be patient so that what you are looking for here can be useful.

You can check more details about SiRekap below. So if you want to download SiRekap, hopefully there is also a download link. This is because from the information we managed to recap, the SiRekap application is still not available on the Play Store so you need to be more patient.

What is Sirekap Mobile Application? Here’s the review

Before going any further, we will first discuss information related to what the Sirekap application is. Based on the KPU Official website, Sirekap application is online application for recapitulation of calculations Quick Count vote acquisition for the simultaneous regional elections in 2022.

Sirekap apk
Sirekap apk

For Sirekap itself is an abbreviation of Electronic-Based Recapitulation Information System. So, with the Sirekap application, the KPU hopes that all Quick Count calculations of vote acquisition from the election results can be carried out simultaneously using an online application. It’s just that in yesterday’s test, there were many complaints about this application.

One of the objections related to using Sirekap Apk is due to signal and network constraints which may be very disturbing in rural areas. That’s why there are pros and cons associated with using Sirekap.

Download Sirekap Apk Where

Basically to download Sirekap is in the Play Store / App Store. It’s just that until this moment the Sirekap application has not been released there. That’s why many users are still curious about where to download the application.

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Therefore be patient until the Sirekap application is completed through the beta test. That way, this application will be ready to be used nationally. For that, until this moment be patient until the download link is available. When it is there we will update this article.


That’s the information we can provide related to Sirekap Apk. Hope it is useful. And we apologize because the information we can convey is limited to this. This is because the KPU has not provided detailed information.