Sound Of Text WA 2022

Sound Of Text WA

Sound Of Text WA – Sound Of Text WhatsApp is indeed popular among young people today and this popularity also occurs in the Tiktok application.

This popularity occurs because the sound produced is different from usual and one of the most preferred sounds is chagiya muncha washo and has gone viral on several social media.

If you like watching Korean drama series, of course you are familiar with the words mentioned above, because the word Chagiya Muncha Washo means “Dear, there is an incoming message” and it has been viral until now.

This call is usually used by people who are making love either to their wives, girlfriends or other loved ones.

In addition to these words, there are actually several other variations that can be used for ringtones.

This other variation is certainly needed when you want to choose other words that show love for your loved ones.

If you want to know more clearly about these words, we recommend listening to this article to the end, because we will share a full review of the WA sound of text.

Sound Of Text WA

1. Collection of Sound Of Text WA in Korean

Sound Of Text WA
Collection of Sound Of Text WA in Korean

Apart from chagiya muncha washo, you can choose other words in Korean that show affection.

Moreover, these affectionate words are needed so that only you and your partner understand the meaning of these words.

Here are some collections of words in Korean that you can sound of text WA:

1. Naneum Hada’s Nest

Naneum nest hada is the first word that can be used as a WA or smartphone ringtone, because it means I love you.

You can use this expression with your wife, husband or boyfriend when conditions are calm and full of intimacy.

In addition to the words above, there are many other words that have the same meaning, but are pronounced more formally and politely, including ceoneun tangsineul nest hamnid and ceoneun tangsineul nest haeyo.

2. Nega Choa

Nega choa is the second word we recommend and you can use when you are with your loved ones, but are too shy to say it in Indonesian.

The word nego choa itself means I like you and the expression is not only from that word.

You can also use other words, which have the same meaning, namely coay and tangsini coahamnida.

3. Neo Pakke Opso

Neo pakke opso can also be used as a WhatsApp ringtone, as it is quite popular on Tiktok and means “there is no one like you”.

In addition to the words above, you can also use other more polite words, namely tangsin pakke opseoyo.

If the word is considered too short, then you can use another word that is longer than the word above.

Well, here are some romantic words that Anga can use to convert into sound of text:

Aeil dangsingwa hamkke iss-eumyeon han payrollleul kkaedadgedoebnida. dangsingwa hamkke salgedoeeo un-i johdago saeng-gaghabnida.

Naeildo yeojeonhi dangsin-eul joh-ahal geos-ibnida. maeil naneun hangsang dangsin-eul joh-ahal geos-ibnida.

2. Sound Of Text WA Collection in Indonesian

Sound Of Text WA
Collection of Sound Of Text WA in Indonesian

If you prefer Indonesian sounds or ringtones, then the words below can be changed from text to sound.

If you are confused in arranging words, here are some collections of words that can be chosen and used as the sound of text WA in Indonesian:

  • Beb, check the message please
  • Dear, there is an incoming message, please check.
  • My love, check the message I miss.
  • Honey, no matter how busy you are, check the message.
  • Beb, don’t forget to check my chat.
  • Honey, don’t forget to always check messages from me.
  • Beb, there’s an incoming message.
  • Beb, check the message first.

You can choose one of the words above and later can be directly converted into sound through the sites and

After becoming a sound, you can turn it into a good ringtone for Whatsapp, cell phones, alarms and several other ringtones.

3. Text Changer Site To Sound Of Text WA

Sound Of Text WA
Site Changer Text To Sound Of Text WA

In addition to the list of words above, you can also take advantage of several sites so that the text can be changed into a more unique and interesting voice.

There are several sites that convert text to sound of text WA that you can use, including:

1. Voicemaker Site

Voicemaker is a site that is quite popular and can be used to convert text into voice.

This site is equipped with various interesting features, which are quite easy to use, especially for beginners.

Through Voicemaker, you can adjust your voice and there are various foreign language options that you can choose as you wish.

To use it, you can follow these steps to make the text conversion process successful:

  • Open the Chrome browser then access the following site
  • You can copy the word above and paste it in the text field provided.
  • Then select neutral TTS if you want the sound produced like the original sound. However, if you want the sound produced to sound like a robot’s voice, please select the TTS standard in that section.
  • In Language and Region, please select Indonesian if the words are in Indonesian and Korean if in Korean.
  • In voice, you can also choose who will read the text, male or female options are available.
  • While other settings, you can adjust to those on the site, from effects, voice pitch and others.
  • Please select Download MP3, when all the above settings have been applied.

You can type words up to 250 characters long, using this site and you have to subscribe and pay monthly to have more characters.

2. site

If Indonesian or Korean is read by ordinary people, it might sound normal, but the two languages ​​can be unique and different if the one reading it is a cartoon character.

If this is what you need, then the Uberduck site is the solution, because in it there are various types of cartoons, anime and others.

While the site can be used easily, as follows:

  • Please open Chrome or another browser then visit the site via the following line (
  • In the categories file, you can choose what you want and make sure the right column is also selected. For information, in this category there are Naruto cartoons, Dragonball, and even Doraemon sounds of text in Indonesian, you can also make here and if you are lucky you will find the right voice character.
  • Then select the character who will read the existing text, in the voice section.
  • In the text field, you can type the words at the top, then click Speak when you’re done.
  • After that, click Download and wait for the process to finish.

4. Complete Guide to Using Sound of Text WA

Sound Of Text WA
Complete Guide to Using Sound of Text WA

To be able to use Google Translate voice as a WhatsApp notification message tone, you have to take additional steps that can be applied to all types of Android smartphones including Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, to Vivo, Realme and others.

The complete guide to using WA sound of text is as follows:

1. How to use WhatsApp sound of text

  • Open the WhatsApp application then click the three-dot icon in the upper right.
  • Then select the Settings option and in it you can select the Bell image option with the words Notification.
  • Then select the part of the ringtone you want to change and enter the MP3 from Sound of Text.
  • Finished.

2. How to Change SMS Ringtone with Sound of Text

  • For the first step, first open the Messages (SMS) application.
  • After that, click the three-dot icon in the top right corner.
  • Next, select the option Settings > Notifications or Notifications > SIM to which SMS Sound of Text ringtone will be paired.
  • Enter the sound that you have created yourself and then Save.
  • Finished.

3. How to Use the Sound of Text as an Alarm Ringtone

  • Open the Clock application which contains alarms and more on your cellphone.
  • Then select the option Create a new alarm.
  • In the alarm sound section, select Ringtones and then click the + symbol and enter the Sound of Text file that was created earlier.
  • Please save the ringtone and alarm settings that have been made.
  • Finished.

The final word

That’s a complete review of the WhatsApp sound of text that you guys need to know.

With this sound of text, you can be creative to make WhatsApp ringtones as attractive as possible according to what you want.

For how to create or adjust the sound, you can follow the steps we have shared above.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about sound of text WA 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.