Telkomsel Learning Quota Bug 2022 Hurry up and try it now

Telkomsel Study Quota Bug 2022 — Recently, Telkomsel gave its newest promo through an innovation called the Multimedia Learning Quota. But did you know there is a bug in it that you can use to change the Telkomsel study quota to a regular quota? Well this is what we will discuss.

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You need to know that the Telkomsel study quota bug is being hunted because you will have the opportunity to change Telkomsel’s 30 GB study quota to a regular quota. So that it can not only be used to access learning applications but can also be used for watching YouTube videos, searching for information on the internet or others.

You can read more details about this Telkomsel study quota bug in our following review until it’s finished. In essence, you will get quite a lot of benefits by taking advantage of the Telkomsel learning quota bug.

Telkomsel Learning Quota Bug 2022, here are the details

The point is, if you want to try the September 2022 Telkomsel study quota bug, then you have to prepare some tools that you can use to convert this Telkomsel study quota into a regular quota.

Telkomsel Study Quota Bug 2020
Telkomsel Study Quota Bug 2022

Examples of equipment for using the Telkomsel quota bug are VPN applications such as Anonytun, TLS Tunnel or others. Then you can use the URL / Host in collaboration with Telkomsel.

The url / host that you can use is as follows.


So that you are successful in exploiting this bug, let’s try to learn how to change Telkomsel’s study quota to a regular quota. The explanation is below. Please check really.

How to Change Telkomsel Learning Quota to Regular Quota with Config Http Injector

To be able to change Telkomsel’s study quota to regular quota, you can use the http injector config. This is roughly how.

  • Download Config Http injectors. We recommend you to use an Internet APN.
  • Next, you have to install the app Http Injector from the Play Store.
  • You can open it after the application is installed.
  • Continue by ticking the I understand this app is only for professional users. Then you can choose Okay.
  • From here tap on the three dots on the top right.
  • Just tap config.
  • Tap Import Config.
  • Put a tick in the I understand the connection problem is not related to Http Injector. Continue by clicking Okay.
  • Now you select the HTTP Injector Config that you downloaded earlier, namely (kuota_learning.ehi).
  • Tap Start.
  • Tap OK.
  • Tap LOG.

When there is writing VPN Connected from the above process, it means that you have successfully connected to the SSH SSL/TLS server. From here you can try to use Telkomsel’s Learning Quota for all applications.

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Thus our explanation of the Telkomsel Learning Quota Bug 2022. Hopefully what we have said above is useful for all of you. The point is to try it first. After all, if you do connect, that means it’s a gift for you. If not, then try again.