The 13 Best Korean Drama Watch Sites with Indonesian Subtitles

10 Best Korean Drama Movie Watch Sites

Do you like watching Korean Drama movies? If yes, then in this article I will share some sites to watch the best Korean dramas online just for you. You can find many options on the internet when it comes to the best Korean drama sites. This is because different parts of the world offer different types of movies and TV shows to watch.

And you can have fun watching movies/Dramas even if you are from a different country. This is possible due to subtitles and dubbed audio. One of the popular TV show genres is Korean Drama.

A large number of people watch Korean Dramas on TV or online every day. But watching these shows on your TV is not something easy due to the timing of the TV channels. But don’t worry, because there are many streaming sites out there that you can use to easily watch this show. You can also find significant features and options offered by this website.

As a result, you can easily choose the best website according to your wish. So, if you are looking for such a site on the internet, make sure to read this article till the end.

Sites To Watch The Best Korean Dramas

You can find many options out there. But all these websites differ from each other in terms of the features and options they offer. As a result, choosing one of these sites can be a little difficult.

Therefore, I try to share some of the most popular Korean drama websites circulating on the internet. And I am here with some of the best sites to watch Korean dramas online. So, if you are also looking for the best way to watch Korean drama movies online, then visit the following streaming websites one by one.

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Asian Crush is most likely the only streaming website that you should use to watch anything in Korean. You can find various things on this website, including Korean dramas, Asian horror movies, martial arts movies, Korean thrillers, and many more.

Not only that but this website can be an excellent choice for all of you anime lovers too. The best part about this website is that it offers good streaming quality. Many Korean drama shows available on this website are available in HD resolution. Due to this, the site is considered as one of the best Korean drama sites out there.

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Even though this website is not made mainly for Korean drama shows, you can still find lots of shows to stream. And this website also offers a lot of features and options.

Hence, it is considered as one of the best Korean drama sites by many users. The best thing about Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can use it in your browser or install its mobile app on your smartphone. And both versions offer a very similar experience.

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Dramago is one of the most advanced streaming websites out there. And as you might expect, this website is mainly made for watching Korean shows. When compared to other sites out there, this website is quite easy to use.

This is possible because of the user interface that this website offers to its users. You can find various navigation options of this website which can be useful while finding Korean web-series. And this can be very useful when going through this website’s large media library or library.

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As the name implies, New Asian TV is one of the newly launched websites to watch Korean shows. Because of that, you can find lots of latest features and options on this website. And this makes NewAsianTV one of the best Korean Drama websites out there.

The great thing about this website is that you can stream Korean drama shows or download them. This can be very useful if you want to watch shows on the go. Unfortunately, this website is not available in all countries. And you may need to use a VPN to be able to access NewAsianTV.

KBS World TV on YouTube

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Unlike most of the other options listed in this article, KBS World TV is not a website. Instead, it is the official YouTube channel of the KBS World TV channel. And because KBS World is a popular TV channel in Korea, many users use this YouTube channel. You can easily use it to watch various drama shows on this YouTube channel.

KBS World TV even shows live broadcasts of Korean drama shows now and later. And since this channel is on YouTube, you can also watch it on your smartphone. Due to these features, many Korean drama viewers consider it to be one of the best sites to watch Korean shows online.

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Viki is another very popular streaming website on the internet. And as you would expect, this website is a very good choice if you are looking for the latest Korean movies. One of the best things about this website is its user interface.

It makes this website look quite modern and sleek in terms of its design and layout. Not only that but the Viki website is also quite easy to use because of its user interface. Another great thing about this website is that it movies in high definition resolutions to the users.

This means that you can use Viki on all your devices without worrying about the quality. And you get the same quality whether you stream or download Korean drama shows from this website.


10 Best Korean Drama Movie Watch Sites-7

Hulu is another popular streaming website that is used by many users on the internet. This website is very similar to Netflix in terms of the features and options it offers. But it has a large number of Korean shows which makes it a great choice in this list of the best Korean drama sites.

Just like Netflix, Hulu also has apps for smartphones that make streaming very simple and easy. You can use smartphone apps to watch Korean dramas on your mobile device on the go. And it offers the same qualities on the mobile app as the desktop website version.

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Good Drama is a streaming website mainly known for Korean drama shows. For those of you who want to watch some of the best Korean series, this can be a great option. You can find various Asian shows including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas.

If you like watching Asian drama movies, then this is the only website that you will use. Not only that, but you can also find popular Asian movies on this website.

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Drama Nice is one of the best Korean drama sites out there if you watch TV shows as well as movies. This website allows its users to enjoy Korean shows and movies without having to subscribe. It offers a sizeable media library when compared to the other websites in this article.

And you can download or play movies and TV shows from Nice Drama website. Another great thing about this website is that it is quite easy to use. Even if you are new to Korean drama websites, you will be familiar with DramaNice in no time.

10 Best Korean Drama Movie Watch Sites-10

Coming to the last website in this list of the best Korean drama sites, Safespedia has Viu. You can find many things on this website to stream and watch for your entertainment needs. You can also find Korean drama shows here.

And Viu offers Korean shows both subtitled and dubbed to its users. So that you can easily enjoy Korean drama movies. This website offers a great overall experience to the users due to its user interface and streaming quality.



If you are lazy with the confusing appearance of the site and its many ads? So, please, bro, visit the Kshowsubindo site!

For me, ( is one of the most recommended websites for downloading K-Drama.

The appearance of this website is simple and there are not too many annoying ads. And for the choice of Korean dramas with Indo sub, there are also quite a lot of collections that you can download from this website.



You could say, the Drakorindo website ( has a pretty similar appearance to the Kshowsubindo that has been mentioned above. Simple and tends to have few ads.

In addition to Korean dramas or films, Drakorindo also provides Japanese dramas or dramas

For those of you who might be bored with K-Drama and variety shows from BLACKPINK’s home country, you can also try watching Japanese Doramas or even Asian dramas on this site.


There are dozens of variety shows and Korean dramas on this site called ( so you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

Like other Korean drama download sites, will tell you which K-Dramas have been completed and which ones are still on-going or not yet finished. also provides download options for a wide selection of the latest Korean films.

Conclusion: I hope you have tried some of the best Korean drama sites mentioned in this article. If you haven’t tried it yet, then make sure to do it soon. You will also find all the main features and options of Korean drama sites present in this article. You can use these sites to Watch Korean Dramas Online without any problem.