The 6 Best Subtitle Download Sites for Movies and TV Series

Best Subtitle Download Site

Here are some of the best websites to download subtitles of movies and TV series on your PC or smartphone to watch and understand movies and their dialogues.

Many people do not like subtitles when watching movies and TV series, because subtitles appear above the video content and also lazy to read them while watching videos at the same time. But, there are also millions of people who can’t watch movies without subtitles. Especially when you watch a movie in a language you don’t know, using subtitles becomes the only option to understand the movie and its dialogues.

While most of us understand in English then people may also face problems while watching videos that have a lot of accents in English, such as Australian Accent, Irish Accent, Russian Accent, Afro-English Accent, even in some USA accents it seems too very difficult to understand for many viewers.

To solve this kind of problem, viewers have to download subtitles, and if the content is a language that you don’t understand at all, then using subtitles is the only way to do it.

I never recommend watching dubbed content as it doesn’t depict the actual actions performed by the actors themselves, also a lot of inappropriate translation times can be seen in the dubs.

The 6 Best Subtitle Download Sites for Movies and TV Series

In this article we are going to discuss some of the best quality websites where you can download subtitles in multiple languages ​​for free. The sites below provide subtitles in languages ​​such as Indonesian, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Moroccan, Chinese or other languages.

1. YIFY Subtitles

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YIFY Subtitles is one of my favorite subtitles site for downloading subtitles. This website is updated regularly, providing a large database of supported movies. And TV shows around the world.

The search features and filtering methods are very intuitive, which turns the website into an easy-to-use website. You will find multi-language subtitles on this website and you will find subtitles compatible with all kinds of video formats. You will find subtitles for the latest movies and you will also find subtitles for very old movies too.

Apart from subtitles, this website also lets you view some information about movies and TV shows, such as year of release, ratings given by viewers, etc. Downloading the subtitle file is a bit tricky as you will be redirected to the download PDF page, but don’t worry you will end up with the right file to download.

2. Subscene

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Subscene is very popular among Subtitle downloaders, Subscene has a huge database of movies and features most of the popular shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, so chances are that you will get the subtitles you are looking for here. Subscene also provides subtitles for films from various countries. Like you will find subtitles for French, Spanish, Korean or Chinese movies from here.

Users can also find translations in multiple languages ​​here. New subtitles are also uploaded daily by users, members and administrators.

Using the site is quite simple, the interface is very easy to navigate. You can use the search feature to directly search for the content you want. The filter feature works well and makes it easy to configure your search more precisely. This interface also features a “Request Subtitle” button, which you can use to notify the administrator about the subtitles you are looking for when you do not find the desired subtitles in the database.

3. Addic7ed

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Addic7ed has a comprehensive database of the latest movies, TV series, box office trailers, international trailers, gossip, podcasts and even news subtitles. So, according to the variety of products in the database, Addic7ed is really quite unique. Addic7ed also features a lot of subtitles in the latest regional movies and TV series, so there are plenty of subtitles to be found on Addic7ed that are actually exclusive to them and can’t be found anywhere else.

Addic7ed features an option for users to become a member by creating an account, but you can also download subtitles without having an account on the website as well. You will also be able to see TV shows and movies from other languages ​​which are being translated in several other languages. And many of the films are 100% complete and ready to watch.

4. OpenSubtitles

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OpenSubtitles has the largest database of subtitles, especially if you are looking for subtitles for old school movies, then OpenSubtitles is a very good choice for you. You can find translations in different languages ​​here.

The filter feature is very intuitive and lets you choose to customize the search by year, country, type, generation, season, no episode, etc. Actually the search tool provided by OpenSubtitles is the best among all the sites I mentioned in this article.

Subtitles can be found in multiple languages, and you can also find subtitles that are compatible with almost all kinds of video formats. You can also find subtitles for any content in the same language from different creators as well.

5. Subtitle Seeker

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Subtitle Seeker doesn’t have its own subtitle database, it works more like a search engine fetching results from other Subtitles providing websites. Subtitle Seeker fetches results from 20+ databases of other sites, so it is one of the best places to look for subtitles as you don’t have to browse many websites to find what you are looking for, instead you will just go through one website and it will go through another. and give you what you want.

Although the working procedure is quite comprehensive, Subtitle Seeker is a very simple and easy-to-use website. Subtitle Seeker has a very large regular user base. In the latest subtitles section, you will also find lots of latest releases like latest movies, TV series, and even documentaries, which will make your searching time less.


Best Subtitle Download Site-6 is a great choice to rely on for downloading subtitles, easy to use interface and clean dashboard can be seen on this website. The subtitle files are categorized into two categories, Movies and TV shows, so that it becomes easier to find what you are looking for.

There is also an option to upload a file, with which you can also upload any subtitle file if you want to share it with others.

How to Download Movie Subtitles

Downloading movie subtitles is not as easy as imagined (for beginners). You can make it easy if you already understand the methods, tips, and tricks.

Here are the steps you need to pay attention to:

  1. First and foremost: make sure that your options, settings, movie file formats are well-packaged. Never start downloading subtitles before the corresponding subtitle database window appears. It could be a link to download/install a suspicious application.
  2. If the subtitle database window appears, then select the subtitle you want to download. The majority of subtitles will be named (by the uploader) with a description of the compatibility and video format.
  3. Usually, you will be offered whether you want to download movie subtitles automatically or manually, it’s up to you.

There are times when the downloaded movie subtitles fail to play, get corrupted, don’t match the timing/sync, or other zones. The solution? Download another movie subtitle.

How to Install Subtitles

Now, after getting the movie subtitles that you want, then how do we use the subtitles. For ordinary people, they must be confused about how to combine film and subtitles. Even though the method is very easy and can be done on a computer or smartphone.

For those who don’t know how to install or use separately downloaded subtitles, Please see the following tutorial:

  1. First download the subtitles through the site that we convey above
  2. Usually the downloaded file is in the form of Zip or Rar.
  3. If you get a file in the form of .srt, .srt , .ass, or .sub, then you can use it right away.
  4. However, if the downloaded file is in .zip or .rar format, then we must first extract the subtitle file with the Winrar application or other applications.
  5. Now after it is extracted, the next step is to merge the subtitles into the same folder as the files
  6. The next step is to just rename the subtitle file according to the movie file name. For example, a movie called Avengers, the subtitle file must be named or Avengers.ass
  7. After that, just play the downloaded movie using your favorite video player. Some video player applications such as VLC also provide a feature to load subtitles, so we can directly use subtitles that have been downloaded or extracted, without the need to change the name.

Red Thread | There are actually many websites available online that offer quality subtitles, and you can download subtitles for any movie in almost any language in the world. However, the websites listed above are the best according to my personal experience and most of the above sites are very popular and have been reviewed by many experts as well. All the websites listed here are worth checking out, you won’t be disappointed.

But if you are one of those people who want to watch movies or TV shows online without downloading subtitles, then you should try some other streaming websites which provide automatic subtitles as well as you can try media media like BS Player in which you don’t have to download subtitles. manually, it is done by the media player itself automatically.