The Buwung Quail Filter is again looking at it, let’s just try it

The buwung quail filter again is in demand by many Instagram users because it is included in the category of rags rhyme ig filter. The original sentence of this effect is buwung quail is looking at it again, i love you for those who read. In fact, it turns out that many people like the rags rhyme that hits on Instagram.

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Therefore, in this post, we will explain everything related to how you can get the quail buwung filter again. You just try it because it’s very easy to do.

The procedure that you can follow to find out how to get the effect of ig buwung quail again is as follows. Hopefully you’ll want to try it right away because it’s not as difficult as you think at all.

The Buwung Quail Filter is Still Reading, How To Get It

In general, there are two easy ways to get the quail pitcher filter which is currently trending on Instagram. You always have other options if it turns out that the method you are using doesn’t work. So don’t worry if you keep failing to get this filter.

the quail filter is looking at it again
the quail filter is looking at it again

First, you can use the browse effects that are in the camera section of your story. Second, you can directly search for the Instagram account that has created it. Just choose which method you think is the easiest to use.

Now for more details, you can check our guide below to get the quail buwung filter again. Hopefully this can later be your reference for playing Instagram filters.

How to Get the Buwung Quail Effect Again on Ig

So that you can get this filter please follow below.

  • open Instagram.
  • Open the story camera.
  • Open your Instagram search.
  • Then you can type the name dwikiferdi99.
  • You can choose a smile image on their profile.
  • Select the rags rhyme filter.
  • Tap to open.
  • When it’s open, you can tap Try.
  • Change the writing to buwung quail again looking at it.
  • Catch the story and share it.
  • Don’t forget to save the effect.

By following what we have said above clearly you will be able to get the filter you are looking for.


That’s what we can say. All alone you are not wrong looking for a fitler. Because this goes inside ig filter rags rhyme. And we’ve discussed that before. If you want to read, please.