The Location of the PUBG Anubis Statue, Oh Here It Turns Out

Want to know the location of the PUBG anubis statue? If yes then you have come to the right place. This time, we will discuss in more detail the location of the Anubis statue in the treasure hunter event organized by Tencent.

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The Treasure Hunter PUBG Mobile event itself has started since July 30, 2022 yesterday and will end on August 6, 2022. During this time, you are required to collect 9 statues of anubis or ancient Egyptian statues.

If you don’t know where the PUBG Anubis statue is, then please read this to the end. We will reveal any locations where there is a statue of Anubis. So you will get the secret code of the Anubis statue to open the entire Erangel map.

The Location of the PUBG Anubis Statue, Didn’t Think It Was Here

In this review, we provide a square off location or place where there is an anubis statue in the Erangel map of the PUBG Mobile game. You must comb it because the statue of Anubis is not easy to find. Player PUBG Mobile had to try a little harder to find his Anubis statue code.

PUBG anubis statue location
PUBG Anubis Statue Location

If you don’t find it, don’t worry, we’ve attached it below for you. So you can enter the PUBG anubis statue code in the required section. But first, let’s talk about the place of the Anubis statue.

The place for the PUBG Anubis statue is here.

  1. Spawn Island.
  2. Stalber.
  3. shelter.
  4. Shooting Range.
  5. School.
  6. Ruins.
  7. Hospital.
  8. Quarry.
  9. Ferry Pier.

So visit these places. Who knows you may find the statue of Anubis you are looking for.

This is PUBG’s Anubis Statue Secret Code

Those who need the secret code for the PUBG Anubis statue can try this.

  • Location 1: C6710380.
  • Location 2: 5770538S.
  • Location 3: V8104280.
  • Location 4: Y5770563.
  • Location 5: V8037057.
  • Location 6: 8106854M.

We suggest you just try the secret code where the Anubis PUBG Mobile statue is above. Who knows it really works. You must try it.

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Presumably that’s enough for our discussion about where the location of the Anubis PUBG statue is. If you are confused, don’t forget to ask. Because of the shame of asking astray forever. ?