The Meaning of Dom on Telegram Turns Out This Is After All, Let’s Find Out

Meaning of Dom on TelegramTelegram in the last few weeks it has become a topic of conversation everywhere because many WhatsApp users have also started trying to use Telegram. This is because in the past there has been a lot of discussion about how to anonymous chat Telegram and so forth.

Even some time ago the term mutualan appeared on Telegram. Which apparently also has something to do with anonymous chat on Telegram. Indeed, there are now many terms on Instagram that may not be understood by many new users.

One of the terms that Telegram users may not understand until now is the meaning of Dom. Therefore, this time we will try to discuss the meaning of Dom so as not to misunderstand again.

The Meaning of DOM in Telegram Is This

If you’re looking for DOM intent in Telegram then you’ve come to the right place. This time we will describe in detail. Yes, even though there are many out there that have discussed it, at least if you find the following articles from us, you are not confused at all.

Meaning of Dom on Telegram
Meaning of Dom on Telegram

So just go ahead then, the meaning of DOM is domicile. So according to the Indonesian language, domicile is a place to live. If it is associated with anonymous chat on Telegram then this is asking where you are from.

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How? Do you understand now? If so, then you can check other meanings of the word DOM. Hopefully you can use it as well as possible.

Other DOM Meanings

It turns out that not only domicile means DOM but also many others, such as the Document Object Model. This is a programming on the internet.

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So there really is another meaning to the DOM itself. So it can’t be arbitrary if you interpret the DOM in Telegram. Well maybe that’s all we can say.


That’s all we can explain about the meaning of dom in Telegram. Hope this is useful for you.