The Number You Dial Cannot Receive Calls

What does it mean that the number you are dialing is unable to receive calls when calling with Telkomsel, XL, Indosat and others? This time we will try to differ the meaning of this. Even though basically now the activities of making telephone calls have been greatly reduced in this fast-paced era, but it turns out that there are still some people who are looking for the purpose according to our title.

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Yes indeed, nowadays most people always choose WhatsApp to make calls. Or else use Google Duo for video calls. Most people don’t like phone activities like they used to, which last for hours. This is because they all think that current telephone rates are much more expensive than using WhatsApp, Telegram or FB Messenger.

In fact, if you look around, there are now many providers in Indonesia who are competing in providing free calls. Not infrequently, many operators say that there are a number of cheap call packages to all operators. But in fact we ourselves are still not very interested.

The number you are dialing is unable to receive calls, this is what it means

Even though it can be seen from the above problem that telephone calls have very little interest, in fact, for business matters, telephone activities are still the official method to keep in touch with clients.

The number you dialed is currently unable to receive a call
The number you dialed is currently unable to receive a call

The problem is sometimes when on the phone you will hear a sound that is more or less like this.

The number you have dialed is currently inactive, please try again later

If you hear an answer like that, then usually this is because the phone number you are calling is not active, the cellphone is off, because there is no signal, or it is still in air plane mode.

If the problem is that the number you are dialing cannot receive calls because the cellphone is dead, then the card is not active and obviously cannot be called. Likewise if there is no signal, air plane mode, and other causes of inactive numbers. Then you must understand all these problems.

So, below are some of the things that can be a sign when the number you are calling cannot receive calls. Hope you can check later.

The meaning of the number you are dialing is not receiving calls

Some other problem with this is that the number you are dialing is busy. So maybe you get rejected while on the phone. So you don’t get confused about the problem, you just get rejected when you want to call. Your caller may not want to accept your call.

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On the other hand, it could be that the person you are calling is resting, in a meeting, on the road, in a meeting, is busy, or it could be because he or she is tired of talking to you. In addition to this, it may also be due to the things below.

  • Being transferred.
  • Mobile number has been blocked.
  • Servers are busy.

So we think the meaning of the number you are dialing cannot receive calls because of the above. So make sure you check properly which one is the main cause.


We think there are many reasons why people are difficult to call. So when that happens, please just make sure you think about why. You can change your phone method to just a cheap whatsapp call.