Viper Bundle Mobile Legends, Get the Skin Here

Viper Bundle Mobile Legends – Ml is a MOBA game that can be played on cellphones. This game can be played by more than one person so you can invite friends to make it more exciting. In addition, you can add friends with people you did not know before.

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In this game there are various features that you can use to maximize the game. Not only features, many events are held with free prizes that bring new items that are useful for your game. So do not be surprised if this game has many users.

On this occasion I will provide information about the mobile legends Viper bundle. Because it’s still new, not many people know about this. Therefore, read this article to the end.

What is Viper Bundle Mobile Legends?

A package for selling mobile legends items by offering an elite Hanabi skin called Viper. The offer of the item is very cheap, only fifteen thousand not including tax, this makes many netizens who are interested in this offer. For a price of fifteen thousand you can only get one trial card for the Hanabi skin, so you can’t choose a permanent one.

Viper Bundle Mobile Legends, Get the Skin Here
Viper Bundle Mobile Legends, Get the Skin Here

So you don’t expect that for a cheap price you will get a permanent one too. Because of course it’s only a small possibility. But it doesn’t hurt you to try to buy it so you are no longer curious about this.

For that, just look at the information below. Do not rush in reading, read slowly and calmly. Hopefully after reading this article you can immediately put it into practice.

How to Buy Viper ML

Here’s how to buy it:

  • Open the mobile legends application and in the diamond section click the (+) icon which is usually used to top up diamonds.
  • Then select the Viper Bundle to buy it.
  • Later you will be directed to the payment page to go to the Google Play Store.
  • After that you select an available payment method.

With the above method you can buy Viper ml. Good luck, good luck.

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Hopefully this article is useful and adds insight. Don’t forget to share with your friends who don’t know. So it can also be useful for many people.